Melt Blown Nonwovens Market Statistics - 2027 | 4 prominent trends fostering the industry expansion

Growing demand for surgical face masks, air & liquid filters and hygiene products will propel the melt-blown nonwovens market growth.

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Selbyville, Delaware, Aug. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to a new report by Global Market Insights Inc., the Melt Blown Nonwovens Market size was estimated at $8 billion in 2020 and is slated to exceed $2.9 billion by 2027, registering a CAGR of 5.5% from 2021 to 2027 driven by the rising adoption of air & liquid filters, and surgical face masks. The report provides a thorough analysis of the main investment avenues, major winning strategies, drivers and opportunities, wavering industry trends, market estimations, as well as the size and competitive scenarios.

The escalating infection count in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated the preference for hygiene products. This can be accredited to the stringent regulations imposed on the utility of face masks as well as the surging awareness campaigns enforced by the healthcare bodies.

Melt-blown nonwovens are largely employed in liquid filtration applications and record massive usage across the air & water filtration business. The technology offers superior dirt-holding capacities while allowing the fibers to span from 1 - 10-micron diameter in size. Along with pre-filtration, these nonwovens are adopted in final filters in instances where high-performance filtration is required.

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Some of the paramount factors bolstering this industry space are enumerated below:

Robust filtration abilities of fine fibers:

The melt-blown nonwovens business share from fine fiber products is poised to record a CAGR of over 5.5% in the forecasted timeline owing to their higher deployment in filtration applications. These products are also increasingly preferred over dual textures to cater to the rising need for filters across the medical and other industries. The surging requirement for fine fibers melt-blown nonwovens, exclusively from numerous mask manufacturers will also complement the market progression.

Performance benefits from polyester:

The industry share of polyester-based melt-blown nonwovens is anticipated to exceed USD 365 million through 2027. This is mainly ascribed to their increasing penetration in multiple applications given their high strength, durability, and enhanced uniformity. There is also a massive use of polyester products in hygiene products and filter materials among several others. In addition, the higher adoption of surgical face masks and industrial filters will boost the melt-blown nonwovens market growth prospects.

Rising product prominence in Europe:

Europe is a major producer of melt-blown nonwovens and this regional market is slated to touch around USD 640 million through 2027. This is due to the consistent efforts undertaken by leading industry players to proliferate their production capacities to meet the surging product requirements from mask manufacturers. To state an instance, Berry Global Group expanded its global Meltex melt-blown production capacity to cater to the continuously rising regional demand.

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Extended production capacities:

Renowned melt-blown nonwoven suppliers are actively coming up with new production lines to cater to the proliferating product demand.  These firms are focused on expanding their production capacities whilst automating and amplifying their manufacturing efficiencies. For instance, in June 2020, Innovatec GmbH, invested around two-digit million Euro amount into two new production lines for melt-blown nonwovens, out of which one line comes from Neumünster-based company Oerlikon Nonwoven.

In a nutshell, the rising need for proper hygiene has increased the penetration of surface cleaning wipes across emerging economies. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic propelled the adoption of face masks & personal protective equipment. It also multiplied the requirement for air filters given the surging emphasis on decreased air quality. Furthermore, as melt blown nonwovens are primary raw materials employed as a filter material in masks, they registered higher adoption in 2020.

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