ACSW+Pfluger Team Wins Second High School Project for the Lafayette Parish School System

San Antonio, Texas

Houston, Texas, Aug. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The ACSW+Pfluger Architects team has won a second high school project for the Lafayette Parish School System.

The team includes five architects who worked on Southside High School, the first new high school built in the parish in over 50 Years. The knowledge and experience they will bring to this new project mean the community can look forward to another collaborative process that will bring innovation and learning-centric solutions to the project.

The new facility will replace the current 1950 structure and provide expanded educational and specialty program spaces. The new campus will have the capacity to accommodate approximately 2300 students.

 "We are excited to work with Lafayette Parish again and look forward to bringing innovation, not just to the design, but to the learning experience the students will have in their new school," said Eric Crozier, Principal, ACSW.

 Crozier will lead the design team that will include Chad Abell and Steven Domingue from ACSW and Michelle Dudley, Tony Plascencia, and Christian Owens from Pfluger.

 "Working on Southside High School was an exceptional experience," said Michelle Dudley, Managing Principal of Pfluger's Houston office. "To have the opportunity to work again with visionary leaders and active community participation is something we are, truly, looking forward to."


ACSW is a Lafayette-based firm with a combined 57-year history of designing award-winning projects for all typologies from master planning to interiors to commercial and civic architecture.

Pfluger Architects is a Texas-based firm with five offices throughout the state. Pfluger is a process-driven firm that sculpts the built environment to support learning-centered education.


ACSW+Pfluger Architects team at interview Current Lafayette High School

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