MEXC Global Unleashed Newly Revamped M-Day Ahead of NFT-Powered StartFi Launch

Singapore, Aug. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MEXC excitedly unveiled its recently revamped M-Day as the exchange prepares to launch NFT platform StartFi's token STFI, and needless to say, it was a whopping success. According to MEXC, $STFI listings will take place on 16th August at 10:00 UTC.

According to a StartFi representative: "Our excitement and anxiousness to be listed on MEXC Global are hard to describe. Given MEXC's continuous evolution, this is a partnership we're looking forward to having."

StartFi is an NFT-backed entity that helps content creators manage their earnings and fund their creative efforts. Moreover, StartFi is Web3-based, meaning it uses cutting-edge technology to connect several networks across the NFT space.

MEXC's new M-Day program came with a competition where participants claimed tickets for a lucky draw. Winners successfully earned massive rewards, which included huge discounts on STFI's trading round. The tokens available in the sale round amounted to an outstanding 250,000 STFI, but its total supply was around 100M. The seed and private sales rounds' quantities were both 10M STFI each.

StartFi M-Day: A Trading Round Worth Your While

To have been eligible in the lucky draw, users were required to trade specific cryptos via Spot, ETF, or Margin trading, three days before the time to claim tickets commenced. In addition, users were required to achieve a target trading volume of at least 10K USDT. However, the more one's trading volume grew, the more tickets one could have claimed, and hence the better your chances of winning.

The specific digital currencies available for this offer included MEXC's MX, BTC, DOGE, BNB, and AXS, among others. Here's the breakdown of the ticket numbers and potential rewards:

  • The number of Winning Tickets was 1300 in total.
  • Winners could reap a minimum of 125 STFI for each ticket.

The chart below shows how many tickets one was required to get depending on the size of their trading volume.

MX Holders' Advantage

As an MX token holder, you already know you always have an advantage. This time, you could have had the chance to participate in a holding round. To participate in the lucky draw, one was simply required to harbour a minimum MX holding position which stands at 10K. Just as before, the amount of trading MX positions held was directly proportional to the tickets one earns.

The number of winning tickets available was 500, while winning tickets carry a whopping 125 STFI. Note: To participate in the ticket claim lucky draw, completing a KYC verification process was required.

To learn more about the terms and conditions of the round, click here.

MEXC Global's M-Day: A Future of Numerous Possibilities

StartFi M-Day eligibility participation countdown began on 10th August at 9:00 UTC and successfully ended on the 13th August. The ticket claiming period gratefully closed at 9:00 UTC. Visiting, one could see the winning ticket numbers. STFI airdrops landed on 14th August at 0400H UTC.

As John Chen Ju, CEO of MEXC Global shared, "We are extremely delighted and dedicated to continuously having quality projects such as StartFi on our platform. We believe that the $STFI listing is bound to be a remarkable partnership for all sides."

To see more about the outstanding success of M-Day, the overwhelmingly positive responses received from participants, check MEXC Global's Telegram, Medium, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram social media handles for more info.

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