Global Reverse Osmosis Membrane Market (2021 to 2026) - Increasing Demand for Water Treatment in Developing Countries Presents Opportunities


Dublin, Aug. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Global Reverse Osmosis (RO) Membrane Market by Type (Thin-film Composite Membranes, Cellulose Based Membranes), End-use Industry (Water & Wastewater treatment, Industrial Processing), Filter Module, Application, and Region - Forecast to 2026" report has been added to's offering.

The global RO membrane market size is projected to reach USD 5.0 billion by 2026 from USD 3.1 billion in 2021, at a CAGR of 10.0% during the forecast period. The increased demand for RO membrane in water & wastewater treatment is driving the market. In addition, growing water scarcity and developing government regulations mandating treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater are also driving the RO membrane market. The increase in demand for industrial process water and growth in urbanization in the emerging economies, such as APAC, Middle East & Africa, and South America, are also driving the market.

Thin-film composite membranes accounted for the largest share amongst other types in the RO membrane market

Thin-film composite membranes are widely for water & wastewater treatment. Thin-film composite membranes are manufactured largely for use in water purification or desalination systems. These membranes have high rejection for unwanted materials such as metal ions and salts, good mechanical strength, and high filtration rate. In addition, these membranes possess good chemical and mechanical stability and portray excellent membrane formability characteristics. Also, these membranes have been recognized to promote water permeation thus, high water recovery and good quality of treated water.

Water & wastewater treatment accounted for the largest market share amongst other end-use industry in the RO membrane market

Water & wastewater treatment segment is estimated to be the largest end-use industry for the RO membrane market. Water shortage and improving regulations mandating wastewater treatment and reuse are driving the market for water & wastewater treatment segment. Rising demand for potable water from countries such as China, India, Brazil, African nations, and others have also led to the large market size. In addition, increasing desalination activities in countries such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, India, China, the US, and others are expected to further drive the market for water & wastewater treatment.

APAC is projected to grow the fastest in the RO membrane market during the forecast period.

APAC is predicted to be the fastest-growing region amongst others in the RO membrane market in 2020, in terms of value. Increasing government initiatives in providing water access to all, an increase in the population, and heightened urbanization are driving the market in APAC. China, Japan, and India are the major markets in this region. In addition, expanding industrial activities, residential & commercial sector growth in countries such as Singapore, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, and others, are also driving the market growth of water & wastewater treatment in the RO membrane industry.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Introduction

2 Research Methodology

3 Executive Summary

4 Premium Insights
4.1 Attractive Opportunities in Ro Membrane Market
4.2 Ro Membrane Market, by Type
4.3 Ro Membrane Market, by End-Use Industry
4.4 Ro Membrane Market, by Major Countries
4.5 APAC Ro Membrane Market, by Type and Country, 2020

5 Market Overview
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Market Dynamics
5.2.1 Drivers Growing Water Scarcity Government Regulations and Increasing Demand for Clean Drinking Water
5.2.2 Opportunities Increasing Demand for Water Treatment in Developing Countries
5.2.3 Restraints Membrane Fouling and Scaling
5.2.4 Challenges Discharge of Dense Brine as Waste
5.3 Patent Analysis
5.3.1 Document Type
5.3.2 Insights
5.3.3 Jurisdiction Analysis
5.3.4 Top Applicants List of Patents by Kurita Water Industries Ltd. List of Patents by Dainippon Ink & Chemical List of Patents by Toray Industries, Inc. List of Patents by Lg Chem Ltd. List of Patents by Midea Group Co. Ltd.
5.4 Regulatory & Tariff Landscape
5.5 Ecosystem Ro Membrane Market: Ecosystem
5.6 Technology Analysis
5.6.1 New Technologies - Ro Membranes
5.7 Impact of COVID-19 on Ro Membrane Market
5.7.1 COVID-19
5.7.2 Confirmed Cases and Deaths, by Geography
5.7.3 Impact on Water Sector
5.8 Raw Material Analysis
5.8.1 Polyamide
5.8.2 Polysulfone & Polyethersulfone
5.8.3 Cellulose Acetate
5.9 Price Analysis
5.10 Porter's Five Forces Analysis
5.11 Value Chain Analysis
5.12 Macroeconomic Indicators
5.13 Case Study Analysis
5.14 Trends/Disruptions Impacting Customers' Business
5.15 Trade Analysis
5.16 Operational Data

6 Reverse Osmosis Membrane Market, by Filter Module
6.1 Introduction
6.1 Plate-And-Frame (Pf)
6.2 Tubular
6.3 Spiral Wound
6.4 Hollow Fiber

7 Reverse Osmosis Membrane Market, by Application
7.1 Introduction
7.1.1 Desalination
7.1.2 Utility Water Treatment
7.1.3 Wastewater Treatment & Reuse
7.1.4 Process Water

8 Reverse Osmosis Membrane Market, by Type
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Cellulose-Based Membrane The Oldest Form of Ro Membranes Used Commercially
8.2.2 Cellulose Acetate (Ca) Membranes
8.2.3 Others
8.3 Thin Film Composite Membrane Ideal for the Purification of Feed Streams Containing a Wide Variety of Dissolved Contaminants
8.3.2 Polyamide (Pa) Composite Membranes
8.3.3 Others

9 Reverse Osmosis Membrane Market, by End-Use Industry
9.1 Introduction
9.2 Water & Wastewater Treatment
9.2.1 Residential & Commercial Ro is the Low-Maintenance, Chemical-Free Option to Achieve Clean Water Used for Household Purposes
9.2.2 Municipal Limited Freshwater Resources Driving the Market in this Segment
9.3 Industrial Processing
9.3.1 Power Ro Membranes are Used to Treat Feedwater Sourced from Groundwater Sources or Seawater and for Wastewater Treatment
9.3.2 Food & Beverage The Use of Membrane Equipment is an Integral Part of Manufacturing Milk, Cheese, and Whey Proteins
9.3.3 Healthcare Ro Membranes are Used in Hospital Water and Wastewater Treatment for the Production of Ultra-Pure Water
9.3.4 Chemical & Petrochemical Selective Separation Properties Provided by Ro Membranes are Beneficial for Various Processes
9.3.5 Others

10 Reverse Osmosis Membrane Market, by Region

11 Competitive Landscape
11.1 Overview
11.1.1 Ro Membrane Market, Key Developments
11.2 Revenue Analysis
11.2.1 Ro Membrane Market
11.3 Market Share Analysis
11.4 Ranking Analysis of Key Market Players, 2020
11.4.1 Dupont Water Solutions
11.4.2 Hydranautics
11.4.3 Toray Industries Inc.
11.4.4 Lg Chem
11.4.5 Suez Water Technologies & Solutions
11.5 Competitive Evaluation Quadrant (Tier 1)
11.5.1 Terminology/Nomenclature Star Pervasive Emerging Leader
11.5.2 Strength of Product Portfolio
11.5.3 Business Strategy Excellence
11.6 Competitive Evaluation Quadrant (Other Key Players)
11.6.1 Terminology/Nomenclature Progressive Companies Responsive Companies Dynamic Companies
11.6.2 Strength of Product Portfolio (Other Key Players)
11.6.3 Business Strategy Excellence (Other Key Players)
11.6.4 Company Footprint
11.6.5 Company Filter Module Footprint
11.6.6 Company Application Footprint
11.6.7 Company Region Footprint
11.7 Competitive Scenario and Trends
11.7.1 Ro Membrane Market Product Launches Deals Others

12 Company Profiles
12.1 Dupont Water Solutions
12.1.1 Business Overview
12.1.2 Products/Solutions/Services Offered
12.1.3 Recent Developments Deals Product Launch
12.1.4 Analyst's View Key Strategies/Right to Win Strategic Choices Made Weaknesses and Competitive Threats
12.2 Hydranautics (A Nitto Denko Group Company)
12.2.1 Business Overview
12.2.2 Products/Solutions/Services Offered
12.2.3 Recent Developments Product Launch
12.2.4 Analyst's View Key Strategies/Right to Win 190 Strategic Choices Made 190 Weaknesses and Competitive Threat 191
12.3 Toray Industries, Inc.
12.3.1 Business Overview
12.3.2 Products/Solutions/Services Offered
12.3.3 Recent Developments Product Launch Deals Others
12.3.4 Analyst's View Key Strategies/Right to Win 194 Strategic Choices Made 194
12.3.5 Weaknesses and Competitive Threats
12.4 Lg Chem
12.4.1 Business Overview
12.4.2 Products/Solutions/Services Offered
12.4.3 Recent Developments
12.4.4 Analyst's View Key Strategies/Right to Win Strategic Choices Made Weaknesses and Competitive Threats
12.5 Suez Water Technologies and Solutions
12.5.1 Business Overview
12.5.2 Products/Solutions/Services Offered
12.5.3 Analyst's View Key Strategies/Right to Win Strategic Choices Made Weaknesses and Competitive Threats
12.6 Alfa Laval
12.6.1 Business Overview
12.6.2 Products/Solutions/Services Offered
12.7 Koch Separation Solutions
12.7.1 Business Overview
12.7.2 Products/Solutions/Services Offered
12.7.3 Recent Developments Product Launch Deals
12.8 Mann+Hummel Water & Fluid Solutions
12.8.1 Business Overview
12.8.2 Products/Solutions/Services Offered
12.8.3 Recent Developments
12.9 Membranium (Rm Nanotech)
12.9.1 Business Overview
12.9.2 Products/Solutions/Services Offered
12.9.3 Recent Developments Others
12.10 Toyobo Co. Ltd.
12.10.1 Business Overview
12.10.2 Products/Solutions/Services Offered
12.11 Other Players
12.11.1 Applied Membrane Inc.
12.11.2 Axeon
12.11.3 Hydramem
12.11.4 Keensen
12.11.5 Lenntech
12.11.6 Merck
12.11.7 Membracon (Uk) Ltd.
12.11.8 Osmotech
12.11.9 Pall Water
12.11.10 Parker Hannifin Corporation
12.11.11 Permoinics
12.11.12 Reckson
12.11.13 Thermo Fisher Scientific
12.11.14 Vontron
12.11.15 Watts

13 Adjacent/Related Markets

14 Appendix

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