TeleSign Expands Global Digital Identity Leadership in Malaysia with Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd Partnership

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TeleSign, a global leader in digital identity and programmable communications, today announced a new partnership with Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) to extend its fraud detection and identity coverage in Malaysia. The partnership will help to safeguard Digi’s mobile users against Account Takeover (ATO) through SIM Swap, registration fraud, and other fraud-related activities through TeleSign’s Score and PhoneID solutions. The partnership expands TeleSign’s already expansive global reach across billions of mobile users throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

The Malaysian digital market is seeing a disruptive digital transformation. A 2020 Independent Research study predicts that 80% of Malaysian firms will implement or expand their digital transformation by the end of 2021. Current operational models have been challenged to safeguard users’ identities and provide better user experiences through both mobile and web. Digital Identity solutions help to maximize safeguards while minimizing friction by empowering organizations with risk intelligence to inform their verification and authentication challenges to protect users.

Digital journeys are increasingly centered around mobile numbers, with SMS verification as a dominant user protection method. Recognizing that SMS two-factor authentication 2FA alone isn’t enough to fully protect against fraud, both TeleSign and Digi are committed to protecting users’ identities online by improving verifications with a layer of intelligence to detect when changes or potentially fraudulent activity occurs on a mobile number in the Digi network.

“Digital identity represents a massive opportunity for mobile and internet providers to play a key role in today’s digital transformation,” said Tom Wesselman, Chief Technology Officer at TeleSign. “TeleSign has been working with mobile operators throughout the Asia-Pacific market. We have been building an extensive network of direct-to-carrier connections and guiding operators around expanding digital identity use cases and privacy principles.”

Prashant Pathmanaban, Digi’s Head of Data and Partnership said, “Digi is now able to quickly verify and authenticate customers’ information required by the online merchants without having to share any of customers’ personal details such as name, identification number, or phone number. This is in line with our commitment to protect our customers’ personal data and their online identities, ensuring that they have seamless and worry-free online transactions anytime, any day.”

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