One World Identity and Prove Release New White Paper: Solving the Biggest Identity Authentication Challenges with Mobile Technology

Guide presents the latest identity verification and authentication technologies -- such as passive mobile authentication, behavioral biometrics, and push authentication -- and best practices to mitigate fraud and reduce friction

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Aug. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Prove, the modern way of proving identity with just a phone, announced today a new white paper in partnership with One World Identity, a leading market intelligence and strategy firm focused on digital identity, trust, and the data economy.

The paper, entitled “Phone-Centric Identity: How to Solve Identity Authentication and Verification’s Biggest Challenges By Leveraging Mobile Signals and Behavioral Biometrics” is a guide for identity, fraud/risk, and customer experience executives, and highlights the most up-to-date best practices and phone-centric identity technologies that companies can use to solve common identity challenges. 

Read the new white paper to understand:

  • What the latest identity verification and authentication technologies - such as passive mobile authentication, behavioral biometrics and motion authentication, and push authentication - look like and which use cases they can best be applied to.
  • Best practices for layering advanced identity techniques to minimize friction and fraud (as illustrated in a waterfall diagram).
  • How phone-centric identity can better mitigate fraud and reduce reliance on or fortify more vulnerable security methods such as SMS OTP.
  • How phone-centric signals can be used at the time of onboarding for a faster customer experience that results in increased account registrations and application approvals.

“One World Identity and Prove partnered to bring executives the answers to their top identity verification and authentication challenges as they work to deliver more seamless customer experiences through innovative mobile identity verification and authentication technologies,” said Mike Lynch, Chief Strategy Officer at Prove. “This research shows how phone-centric identity provides a logical and effective way to solve key identity challenges across the entire customer journey.”

The research also highlights recent statistics around fraud trends, such as increases in account takeover fraud, as well as common challenges around user experience. 

"Today's consumers have high expectations for digital interactions that are seamless and secure,” said Travis Jarae, CEO of One World Identity. “By layering mobile signals and behavioral biometrics, organizations can dynamically meet changing risk profiles without adding additional friction in identity verification and authentication processes." 

Download the new white paper here. To learn about how to create best-in-class customer experiences using advanced identity techniques, watch Prove and One World Identity’s on-demand webinar here.

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