Carguard Administration Is A Supporter Of The Annual PACE Convention

Phoenix, Arizona, Aug. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CarGuard Administration is excelling in the vehicle service contract industry by offering superior customer service. To that effect, CarGuard Administration distinguishes itself by talking directly with customers when they have a claim for repairs to their vehicles. This ground-breaking vehicle service contract administrator employs claims adjusters who are highly specialized in customer service and retention. More so, all of its claim adjusters are certified mechanics, so they thoroughly know the mechanical issues that cars—and customers—face.

This positive, empowering approach perfectly suits the mandate of PACE, the only national non-profit trade association that devotes itself to inspiring and enhancing companies that handle volumes of customer service interactions through contact centers. That’s why CarGuard Administration is extremely proud to be a silver partner for the 2021 PACE Convention, to be held September 19th to 21st, in Arlington, Virginia. PACE is aptly named: Professional Association for Customer Engagement.

PACE strongly recognizes the strategic importance of contact centers for service companies that handle so many customers’ needs and expectations. To maximize the positive customer experience, PACE researches, drafts, and promotes industry best practices and professional education with respect to customer engagement. This is done primarily through the strategic conduit of contact centers. As the customer experience becomes increasingly digitized, so has PACE kept abroad of technology as a valuable tool to achieve satisfied customers. 

CarGuard Administration had already incorporated customer service as the primary driver in its business operations from the get-go but also welcomed collaboration as the best means to take this philosophy further. That’s why CarGuard Administration has always supported PACE and participated in its training and outreach programs. Again, it is exceedingly pleased to be a silver partner for the 2021 PACE Convention.

Backed by one of the most stable insurers in the industry, CarGuard Administration focuses on continually evolving its vehicle service contracts to best suit customers. Moreover, CarGuard Administration offers exemplary customer service at all levels of its operations, from drafting vehicle protection plans that are consumer-friendly and easy to read, to offering first-day rentals (and peace of mind) to customers who find themselves stranded with cars that need fixing. 

Vehicle protection plans are complementary, but just as vitally important, to collision insurance plans. Only 10% of all people with collision insurance end up using it, but over 80% of drivers with vehicle protection plans experience a vehicle breakdown. Those statistics demonstrate CarGuard Administration’s strategic role in fulfilling the needs of drivers as well as peace of mind. 

CarGuard Administration very much looks forward to the 2021 PACE Convention and to attending its speeches, workshops, and symposiums. But the work doesn’t just start and end with the three-day convention. All year long, every year, CarGuard works closely with PACE to jointly assure the best standards and practices of customer service and will continue to be close partners in the future. For more information on CarGuard Administration, please visit


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