OmniPathology Adopts PRIVIT Pass to Simplify Registration and Tracking of COVID-19 Test Results for Customers

New partnership that enables self-registration for COVID-19 testing and easy online access to test results is just in time for back-to-school

PASADENA, Calif., Aug. 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OmniPathology, an independent, physician-owned and operated pathology lab, today announced a new alliance with PRIVIT, creators of PRIVIT Pass, that will enable faster reporting of COVID-19 test results for students, faculty, employees, athletes, or any group that needs regular testing for the presence of the coronavirus. Using PRIVIT Pass makes tracking test results a paperless process, saving OmniPathology 75% of the time required for patient record data entry and systems updates while giving customers immediate access to test results online.

PRIVIT Pass simplifies data gathering for COVID-19 testing by providing a one-time test registration process. An online registration system allows students, staff, or personnel to sign up for COVID-19 testing via PRIVIT. The online sign-up includes live signature capture for consents, waivers, and medical information as part of HIPAA and PIPEDA compliance. Using self-registration ensures that the information is complete and accurate. Once the customer is registered, a unique QR code is created as a PRIVIT Pass that is then used to create a lab order. The same PRIVIT Pass is then used every time the customer gets a new test.

All PRIVIT Pass information is secured and shared via the PRIVIT hub, so test orders sent to OmniPathology are automatically matched using the QR code and the data is transferred into the system. Eliminating manual data entry enables OmniPathology to process four times as many tests. It also ensures that customer test records are complete and error-free.

Once completed, the test results are sent back to the PRIVIT hub and an alert is sent to the patient, who can then log in to see the results. The same results are also made available to authorized third parties, such as school administrators or HR managers.

“Our mission is to serve the community by helping school systems and employers maintain a COVID-free environment and adopting PRIVIT for test results tracking will help us improve our ability to serve the community,” said Mohammad Kamal, M.D., founder and CEO of OmniPathology. “We continue to update our facilities with new equipment and personnel and already offer 24-hour test results. Now, with PRIVIT Pass support, we can handle more tests and get the results back to customers even faster.”

“With school systems and employers requiring regular Coronavirus testing, our PRIVIT Pass gives customers a secure, centralized means of managing test results,” said Russell Goodwin, CEO of PRIVIT. “It allows users to manage their own test records, including authorizing access to results as needed. Some school systems are even considering using PRIVIT Pass to track all student vaccines as part of registration.”

About OmniPathology:
OmniPathology is a physician-owned high complexity pathology laboratory located in Pasadena, California. It specializes in Gastrointestinal pathology, GYN, and male health and provides state-of-the-art molecular and cytogenetic testing to complement its pathology and immunohistochemistry testing with a specific focus on screening and early detection of anal, cervical, colon, and esophageal cancers. OmniPathology’s infectious menu includes HPV, other STD, and gynecological, gastrointestinal, and respiratory infectious panels. Omni-COVID-19 PCR test received FDA Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) in June 2020.

PRIVIT provides customized registration along with legal and health form intake services for youth leagues, K-12 districts, collegiate institutions and professional leagues in the US and Canada. PRIVIT Pass partners with volume COVID testing providers and HC CLIA labs all over the country to provide a comprehensive COVID-19 testing program for your organization. Our partners supply the highest quality tests (PCR, Antibody, and Antigen) that are vetted for accuracy and can also provide onsite collection services to augment your own staff. PRIVIT Pass makes your testing program more efficient, eliminates paper, and helps your organization keep appropriate social distancing guidelines at your testing location.


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