Fandom Foundation Signed MOU with IGNISVC for NFT Service


SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recently, IGNISVC, a blockchain venture capital, and the Fandom Foundation signed an MOU for CRTR, a project that connects creators and fandom.

This MOU was signed for cooperation in business areas including NFTs and Metaverse, and through this partnership, the two companies will expand and stabilize NFT marketplace and E-commerce within CRTR platform.

Fandom Foundation is planning to launch a mobile APP that generates new revenue stream through various short-form video contents creators and users within the CRTR platform. The main business is 'NFT Marketplace', which supports creating NFT of contents, and 'Creator Class Room' that users can take know how type of course from creators.

CRTR NFT Marketplace promotes the inflow of existing users of other platforms through connection with various content platform companies, and values personal contents by creating those into NFTs. 'Creator Class Room' is a service that allows creators to share their skills through developing their own lectures consisting of VOD Class, Live Class, and 1:1 Class. In addition, business provides six other services including 'Payment', 'E-commerce', 'All Creator View', etc. to protect the rights of contents and meet the needs of users.

IGNISVC, joined hands with CRTR of Fandom Foundation, is a global accelerating company that has led to the success of famous projects such as Algoland, Kakao's klaytn and In particular, IGNISVC will participate in the expansion of TikTok's new business ecosystem including NFT Marketplace, Metaverse, Virtual content and TikTok Shop Commerce through strategic partnership and expand its business into the commerce platform area. IGNISVC will help as a strategic investor through this agreement and accelerate the CRTR of Fandom Foundation.

"We are confident that various infrastructures such as network, marketing, incubating, accelerating, and localizing built by IGNISVC will meet with TikTok to create greater synergy," said Woo Byung-hyun, CEO of IGNISVC. "We ask for your attention and interest in TikTok's expansion of diverse digital contents and commerce."

Meanwhile, IGNISVC is expanding its global NFT infrastructure by developing NFT for creators and securing distribution channels through marketplaces through its recent partnership with TikTok.

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