Scientist Launches Hamdah London, Reigniting her Passion for Fragrances

Enshirah Al-khamar, chartered chemist and mother of two, officially launches Hamdah London, a unisex fragrance brand.

Cambridgeshire, UNITED KINGDOM

CAMBRIDGESHIRE, United Kingdom, Aug. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hamdah London is a tradename of Hamdah Limited and was founded by chartered chemist Enshirah Al-khamar. It is a U.K. based, premium unisex fragrance brand producing: eau de perfumes, scented candles and reed diffusers as well as offering bespoke creations. Officially launched June 2021, Hamdah’s eau de perfumes are luxury artisan products inspired by nature and designed for the modern person, long lasting to be worn in the day or evening.

Hamdah’s head office is based in Cambridgeshire - with formulations and production taking place between our facilities in Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and London. Hamdah’s products are produced in small batches, vegan and environmentally friendly. Using premium natural ingredients sought internationally, we are heavily focused and committed to sustainability, responsible production, packaging and shipping.

Enshirah Al-khamar, founder of Hamdah London, worked as a scientist for over 15 years and, in recent years, Al-khamar reignited her passion for fragrances turning her hand to perfume creation. She is a professionally trained perfumer and creates a unique range of scents under her signature label, inspired by predecessors in the fragrance industry like Jo Malone (, Estée Lauder and Patricia de Nicolai to name a few ( The vision for Hamdah London was amalgamated to what we see today (

About Hamdah London

Hamdah’s origins are in the vibrant and enigmatic Arabian Peninsula, where founder Enshirah Al-khamar spent her formative years. From childhood, she was inspired by the perfumed air of her native surroundings, and the powerful links between scent, memory and emotion have stayed with her since moving to England, where she spent 10 years working in research and development before qualifying as a chartered chemist.

Al-khamar longed to capture the essence of sweet rose and woody jasmine of her home country, as well as the essential aromas of pine, lavender and summer herbs, reminiscent of an English country garden inspired by Roja Dove when creating the "Great Britain" perfume ( Fascinated by nature’s own scents, and their incomparable warmth and depth over pure synthetic fragrances, the dream of Hamdah London was born: a union between traditional old and modern days; between Eastern and Western world, resulting in niche contemporary and elegant fragrances like no other.

Using her creativity, skills of precision and patience as a chemist, Al-khamar embarked on the next step of her journey – perfumery – and never looked back.


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