Tupan Released a New Currency to Help Promote Global Environmental Regeneration

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tupan has become one of the flagship Tokens for saving the Amazonian Region and environmental areas around the world, with the help of Blockchain. This will be accomplished by a comprehensive plan for a regenerative system which includes the acquisition, ownership, operation, management, and sale of environmental agricultural digital assets.

The problem of degradation generated discussions about global initiatives that could help humanity to prevent the loss of biodiversity. The need to help the environment with regenerative systems became obvious, and Tupan found the solution to the problem.

Tupan, issued by ForestAu Green LLC, launched its participation in the acquisition and management of environmental and agricultural assets, initially focusing on the Amazonia Region of Brazil with the acquisition of more than 3.69 billion cubic meters of preserved and regenerated forest. Even the areas will not only be preserved but cared for.

Tupan is the currency needed for Environmental Conservation, the evolution of ESG and Regeneration.

ESG is the English acronym for "Environmental, Social and Governance", generally used to measure a company's environmental, social and governance practices. The ESG theme often serves to leverage companies with marketing and not carry out sustainability actions.

Tupan goes far beyond speech. Tupan lives in ESG in practice with the encouragement of the Circular Regenerative Bioeconomy. The Circular Bioeconomy generates employment, wealth and technology for society through an economic model allied to the environment, in a circular way.

According to the World Economic Forum report, "The Future of Nature and Business", forestry businesses could generate up to $10.11 trillion annually, and 395 million jobs by 2030. Tupan idealizes active and direct participation in this market in great worldwide expansion.

It's not just a pretty speech, it's practical and efficient actions.

About Tupan (Technical Details)

The safest cryptocurrency you've ever met

Tupan is synonymous with security cryptocurrency: A Token issued by the American ForestAu Green Fund - Environmental Digital Assets Investment Fund (which is regulated and authorized by the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission).

The TUPAN token is equal to a single cubic meter of preserved forest and is a DeFi Token. There are 3,690,000,000 Tupan Tokens and are created to protect Amazonia and can be made anywhere in the world.

Tupan also works as an instrument for Environmental Compensation in degraded areas.

The token development took place on the Waves Blockchain algorithm which is one of the most prominent trading and development platforms.

AirDrop Tupan Launch and will distribute $100,000 in Tupan coins to whoever participates and is drawn.


Take the opportunity to earn your Tupans. Airdrop Tupan will give away $100,000 worth of Tupan coins to participating users! Airdrops are one of the most anticipated events in crypto active launches

The Airdrop is a promotional activity typically performed by blockchain-based startups to help bootstrap a virtual currency project.

  • Airdrop Start Date - July 23, 2021
  • Airdrop End Date - November 10, 2021
  • Airdrop Distribution Start Date - February 26, 2022

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ICO is the best opportunity for you to join the environmental protection market in Amazonia and anywhere in the world.

ICO until September 10th,

It's time to take the opportunity to invest in the currency of Amazonia and the world's environmental protection.

At ICO you enjoy the low price of the currency on the market because it is the initial offer. You surf all the appreciation that will come in the coming months.

Tupan has already seen valuations of up to %1000 in different currencies on the market. Tupan aims to be a valuation success.

Tupan is a cryptocurrency with a purpose that solves environmental, economic and social problems. The different uses of the currency combined with its high demand will cause the expected appreciation.

Whether by industries that want Environmental Compensation, companies, governments and individuals; Tupan solves everyone's problem!

How does it help?

The funds raised during the ICO are to be transmitted to an economy with an environmentally positive impact. This initiative covers an urgent need for such financial help for reducing environmental degradation.

The driving force that was necessary for the World Bioeconomy to happen.

The project is focused on a Circular Bioeconomy and arranges a business strategy in such a way that allows winning both in social and environmental context when investing. The team itself is working not only on acquiring land but also on actively managing these lands.

The ultimate goal is to foster the Circular Bioeconomy, combined with environmental regeneration and the economic and social principles of the areas involved.

The extraordinary approach boils down to combining sustainability, regeneration and investments. Though, as the team claims, it would be more accurate to say that the project is interested in impact investing.

Investors will receive profits and dividends from the Bioeconomy business in Amazonia.

WHY Tupan is made for short term investors and long term too

Tupan is an attractive currency for the short and long term. It is necessary to understand people's demands and the potential cryptocurrency valuation in the short term.

By combining the high technology of cryptocurrencies to the blockchain network, with the highest demands of protecting nature, Tupan brings you the opportunity to make a difference in the environment, enjoying an investment with a high potential for appreciation.

Also in the long term, given that for regenerative environmental protection, hundreds of years of environmental protection is needed.

Ideal for investors who would like to invest in the cryptocurrency market and who are looking for strong, purposeful currencies.

Curious to meet Tupan? Access the website www.tupan.io and know more.

To open your wallet, go to https://tokensale.tupan.green/

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