CrushBank Resolve Named One Of The Hottest IT Products For MSPs

Resolve, powered by IBM Watson, is featured on CRN’s list of “Red Hot IT Products” that emerged from The Channel Company’s largest show of the year

Syosset, New York, UNITED STATES

SYOSSET, New York, Aug. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CrushBank, developers of an artificial intelligence (AI) solution purpose-built for the IT help desk, today announced that its automated product Resolve, which is powered by IBM Watson, has been named as one of the 18 hottest vendor products and services featured during The Channel Company’s XChange+ 2021, a leading industry event for MSPs and channel partners. Resolve stood out among a range of leading technology products designed for solution providers, a notable accomplishment since the long-running event had its largest-ever number of first-time vendors vying for recognition.

Resolve automates the traditional IT support search by having IBM’s Watson read and ingest the ticket as it hits the service board. Then, with a single click, a technician is presented with the most relevant solutions to that ticket from within the MSP’s own data, including: their own documents from SharePoint and OneNote, configurations from within their own documentation system, as well as the previously unsearchable fields in their tickets and time entries.

“In a split second it comes back with all the tickets and all the configs,” Brian Mullaney, CRO of CrushBank, told CRN. “(It pulls answers) back from ConnectWise, from IT Glue, from SharePoint from any number of systems that you run. Most of the data you have is unsearchable and we bring it back in a moment‘s notice. Fifty percent of an [engineer’s] time is spent looking for information. If you can get that down to 15 or 20 percent, the rest of that [time] goes into efficiency.”

Operationally mature MSPs use CrushBank’s Resolve to rapidly hunt SharePoint, previous support tickets, set-up guides, SOPS and publicly available information from Microsoft and Stack Exchange. Newly hired IT engineers can fast-track their value to the organization using Resolve to immediately access the home-baked solutions in an MSP’s system, without spending months or years learning where the data for each issue is stored.

As a result, Resolve shortens the entire user support process, improves the accuracy of IT support, and increases customer satisfaction.

About CrushBank
Born from the frustration over inefficiencies in operating a managed IT service business, CrushBank is the first IT Help-Desk application built on Watson, the breakthrough cognitive technology developed by IBM. Founded by two veteran MSP owners with more than 25 years of experience, CrushBank uses “cognition,” the process of acquiring knowledge, to think, learn and inform decisions in the same way engineers and support teams do. CrushBank combines best-practice documentation with a firm’s proprietary content and historical ticket information to provide invaluable insight. The system ingests large volumes of unstructured data, reads and understands it, and uses machine learning to find the right answers to questions instantly. Simply put, CrushBank streamlines help-desk operations resulting in fewer escalations to Level 2 and above. Help-desk engineers see an increase in productivity and their end-users experience increased satisfaction with more intimate first-call resolutions. For more information, visit


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