KringleCrowd: TraQiQ launches new loyalty product for the gig economy

Bellevue WA, Aug. 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TraQiQ, Inc. (OTC QB: TRIQ) (the "Company" or "TraQiQ"), a provider of Gig economy solutions announces the launch of its ‘KringleCrowd’ product by its subsidiary. This multi-faceted product enables Companies to increase Gig worker loyalty by gamifying the communication experience.

KringleCrowd also provides a platform for Companies to build a broad-based social media following with their community. This platform enables 2-way communication amongst the community, the ability to monetize relationships and gamification with points & tokens. Bruce Lee foundation licensed this product in Q2 and is currently using it to communicate Bruce Lee’s practices and teachings to a subscription-based community that is growing rapidly.

TraQiQ’s Mimo subsidiary runs a network of 14,000 gig workers who provide Last mile delivery and other task-based services. It is always challenging to stay on top of the issues that the people in the network are facing. These issues could be related to Job satisfaction, mental health, workplace conditions, compensation as well as interpersonal communication. KringleCrowd sends employees and gig-workers quizzes, Covid related compliance communications, and general well-being questions. The team member can respond to the questions and the technology will alert the appropriate team member in management as issues are flagged. This enables the management team to know their state of physical and mental well-being and building suitable solutions proactively, thereby preventing any long-term problems. 

Team members are compensated for participating in these quizzes. The process has been gamified and rewards them with points and tokens for their participation. Depending on the deployment scenario, these rewards can be converted to cash. “The work environment is permanently flipped – we now have some local employees, many remote employees and a very large team of gig workers” said Sandeep Soni, President of “We need powerful tools like KringleCrowd to help managers stay connected with this diverse, global team and make the right decisions for the people and the network”.

TraQiQ plans to deploy this product through the entire Mimo network in Q4. Lathika Regunathan, President of Mimo, said " This is a win-win platform for businesses, employees and gig workers. We have seen a tremendous need to work closely with our entire workforce. KringleCrowd offers us the ability to interact with every member of our team, listen to their requirements and respond suitably”.

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