— a Data-Centric Platform for Accelerating Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging in the Workplace — Launches Alpha

Backed by initial support from, will offer organizations a streamlined solution for achieving the best results out of their diversity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives


DENVER, Aug. 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Stefanie K. Johnson, Tanya Barnett, and have teamed up to launch, a data-centric approach to move the needle on diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DIB). The technologically-advanced platform will include dynamic inclusion profiles for tracked corporations and organizations, scoring systems, HR tool discovery, research about belonging, real-time DIB news, and more.

Dr. Johnson is the author of WSJ Bestseller Inclusify: The Power of Uniqueness and Belonging to Build Innovative Teams and is recognized worldwide for her research on inclusion and diversity. Ms. Barnett launched the BE Tech Scholars program presented by Western Digital—with support from Fortune 500 companies including Deloitte, Dish, and Arrow—to develop a more inclusive tech industry for underrepresented business and engineering students at the University of Colorado Boulder. owns platforms including Signals and Interplay that help companies such as CircleK, Ulta Beauty, and Pampered Chef utilize advanced technologies, including AI. will be the preeminent place for belonging. With best-in-class DIB certification, a premier recognition program for changemakers, a research and data platform featuring interactive dashboards, curated insights, and exclusive content from the world’s leading inclusion research authority, plus automated HR solutions and diversity advisory services, the Inclusify movement will empower organizational leaders around the globe to create a workplace that works for everyone.

Dr. Johnson said, “The best part of doing the research for my book (Inclusify) was the realization that the vast majority of companies and leaders really want to do better when it comes to diversity, inclusion, and belonging. They just don’t always know how to do it and they are often scared to make mistakes.” The book includes a multitude of data-backed, evidence-based practices for creating successful DIB programs, but new research and statistics continue to emerge. “Let’s be honest,” said Dr. Johnson, “the data in the book is already out of date and there is no way to keep up with the speed of research using books. We need real-time updates and we need AI. That is where comes in.”

“Recognizing and celebrating the uniqueness of individuals in the workplace creates the space for diversity of thought, which leads to better team decision-making, and better business outcomes,” said Barnett. “ strives to move the needle on diversity in impactful and unifying ways — in turn creating a workplace that works for all.”

Part of this will happen through real-time updates flowing through an advanced data ingestion and delivery process. Real-time data updates will flow into via Iterate's Signals platform, into which Iterate has invested $5.8 million. The software platform will be overseen by Mike Frazzini, Iterate’s Chief of Data Science who was previously CTO of (acquired by Samsonite after it sold $1.65 billion of products) and has an MS in Data Science from Cal Berkeley. Mr. Frazzini says, "Signals architecture provides real-time ingestion of big data across myriad sources, AI-driven data connections driving unique insights, and rich interactive dashboards and data visualizations for democratized analysis and benchmarking – and it can be immediately leveraged for It cuts two years off our software platform development cycle and reduces the launch cost by millions of dollars."

About is the preeminent source of belonging. Founded in 2021,’s mission is to help organizations design, implement, and realize the value of their diversity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives. will provide real-time data updates related to organizations as they work to become more inclusive of all employees and stakeholders. The WSJ-bestselling book, Inclusify, written by Dr. Stefanie K. Johnson, and her academic research on the topic, inspired the launch of this advanced data-rich resource that will be available to all professionals and updated dynamically on an hourly basis.

HR professionals, inclusion strategists, diversity practitioners, researchers, professors, organizational leaders, and philanthropists who are interested in promoting inclusion or contributing to the cause are encouraged to contact Tanya Barnett at


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