CIK Telecom Celebrates Its 18th Anniversary and Launches Live Support Feature in CIKTEL App

Markham, Ontario, CANADA

MARKHAM, Ontario, Aug. 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CIK Telecom has reached an exciting milestone. The company celebrates 18 years of delivering affordable high-speed internet services to Canadians nationwide. CIK Telecom offers both residential and business telecom services including high-speed Cable and DSL internet, Fibre internet, Home Phone, Digital TV, and Home Security services. Today, CIK has over 400 employees providing services and support to over 250,000 customers in Canada.  

As the company’s 18th-anniversary approaches, Jordan Deng, CEO of CIK Telecom mentioned, “We would like to say thank you for all the support and commitment our customers have shown over the years. You are all exceptionally valued CIK customers and we would like to send our thanks for your continued support.”  

Despite the CRTC’s decision forcing Canadian consumers to pay exorbitant rates to the major telecom giants, CIK is still fighting and clamoring for lower internet rates for all Canadians. As Canadians continue to work from home and families stay home, CIK wants to ensure that their customers have access to reliable and affordable internet services. CIK is further extending its support ensuring that all CIK customers are not capped on their internet packages and making sure they save on their bills. The company hopes that this helps customers continue to stay connected to those important to them in this unprecedented time. The only setback is that because of the higher wholesale rates CIK has to stop expanding their network to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

CIK is participating in an appeal with CNOC to appeal the cabinet to overturn the CRTC decision made on May 27, 2021. If the final result is positive then CIK will invest more in building fibre networks across the country to provide the fastest internet connections with the lowest costs to Canadians.

New real-time customer support tool launched via CIK app using a smartphone

CIK Telecom as a leading technology company in the ISP industry has announced an advanced feature for real-time customer or technical support for all their customers. CIK customers can reach the company support team at anytime with immediate responses. This updated support tool also allows customers to view previous chat logs, upload pictures and allows you to leave a message if there are no service representatives available. CIK’s representatives will contact the customer through the app. Customers no longer need to wait on hold on the phone for a long time and they can simply leave a message and check back at their own time for a response.

CIK’s short-term mission is to improve service quality and enhance customer experiences whether you browse on the company’s website, use their internet services or try to contact CIK via phone, email, or the CIKTEL app. The company is putting resources into making everyday life easier for the customer.

About CIK Telecom
Founded in 2003, CIK Telecom is a leading independent telecommunication company in Canada registered as a licensed carrier with the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunication Commission). CIK’s mission is to provide affordable telecom services to communities in Canada with 24/7 customer support in 9 different languages.

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