Trusted Partner of Higher Education and K12 Celebrates Its First Anniversary

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Stockholm, Sept. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ouriginal celebrates its first anniversary

Ouriginal Is Proud To Support Educators Worldwide in Nurturing Their Students’ Original Mindset

Ouriginal, Europe's leading provider of plagiarism detection and prevention solutions, is happy to announce the first anniversary of the new organization and brand. Ouriginal was launched one year ago following the merger of Urkund and PlagScan. Both companies by then were market leaders in the Nordics and DACH regions. Within one year, Ouriginal did not only fulfill its expectations in terms of pursuing the legacy of the two former companies and brands. Moreover, Ouriginal has been recognized as a thought leader not only within the academic integrity community but also now being very present in discussions in the K12 sector. This is a strong indicator for the increased need for text analysis solutions like Ouriginal’s, and a sign of trust in Ouriginal’s ability to cater to the specific needs of educators worldwide.

A Joint Journey Towards Originality

In September 2020, a new chapter on the advanced plagiarism detection solution market was written when Urkund and PlagScan officially joined forces under a newly created flagship brand: Ouriginal.

“When we launched Ouriginal one year ago, it was an ambitious project: Not only did we have two already well-established and respected brands that needed to be merged under one joint ‘flag’ but we also needed to come together as one company that provided equally good service to the customer and continued its proven track record and legacy”, says Andreas Ohlson, CEO of Ouriginal. “Looking at where we are standing now, I am proud to say that we have over exceeded expectations.”

Ouriginal’s Role During the Pandemic

During the last twelve months, the company has witnessed profound changes in many aspects, mainly because of the pandemic’s immense impact on education. “Starting onto a new journey during a pandemic was definitely courageous. Nevertheless, as a company that always puts its customers first, it was the right decision. Educators weren’t able to meet or interact with their students the way they were used to, and they were in urgent need to make sure that even under the given circumstances, students were enticed to write assignments by themselves. Ouriginal proved to be the go-to solution to support educators in these times of crisis”, continues Mr. Ohlson.

“All of this wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for two things: Firstly, each and everyone at Ouriginal who embarked on our joint journey and invested a lot of energy to put Ouriginal onto the EdTech map as a key player. Secondly, our customers and partners that believe in us and continue to trust us and our services,” concludes Mr. Ohlson.

A Product Tailored to fit Educator’s Specific Needs

Ouriginal’s solution addresses the needs of educators in the now increased digitized teaching and learning environment. It enables educators to find text matches in submitted content irrespective of language and provides insights into the development of the writing skills of students. The solution integrates seamlessly with the most popular Learning Management Systems (LMS) and is an efficient tool for any organization that wants to protect academic integrity and promote originality.


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Ouriginal is a text-matching software used to assess the originality of any given text. It was born when two companies, PlagScan and Urkund came together with the goal of offering a bold solution that enhances students' potential to think original and saves teachers’ time when evaluating assignments. With more than three decades of combined knowledge and expertise, we deliver cutting-edge technology, catering to our customers' needs.

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