In Service of Future Generations: Seventh Generation Releases 2020 Corporate Consciousness Report

Annual update assesses company’s longstanding commitment to sustainability and examines progress made toward 2025 goals

BURLINGTON, Vt., Sept. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Seventh Generation, a leading household and personal care products company and pioneer in the environmentally conscious products space, today published its 2020 Corporate Consciousness report. The annual update provides a look at the company’s commitment to sustainability and assessment of progress made toward its ambitious 2025 goals, working to reduce total plastic by 50%, absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 50% and to have 100% of materials and ingredients sustainable, biobased or recycled.

In 2020, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Seventh Generation – which experienced a pandemic-spurred increase in demand for products – was quickly forced to re-evaluate the way it worked to meet consumer demand. The organization adapted and worked with supply, manufacturing, shipping and retail partners to secure an additional 40% volume in product and packaging materials. While supply chains tightened globally, Seventh Generation stayed committed to its rigorous environmental sourcing criteria.

Goals set focus on plastics reduction, sustainably sourcing and decreasing Seventh Generation’s carbon footprint. Despite a challenging market scenario, Seventh Generation significantly advanced its zero waste and sustainably sourcing goals. Highlights include:

Plastic Reduction

  • Since setting its 2020 products and packaging goals, Seventh Generation can proudly say nearly all (97%) of its product packaging, by volume, is reusable, recyclable or biodegradable
  • Nearly 100% of Seventh Generation products and packaging are made from bio-based or recycled content
  • By 2025, Seventh Generation aims to: eliminate 75% of virgin plastic use in packaging, reduce total plastic use by 50% with one-third of their innovation coming from plastic-free alternatives and systems that disrupt single-use solutions

Source Sustainably

  • This year Seventh Generation partially met its goal of sourcing 100% certified sustainable agricultural products including palm oil, virgin wood pulp, coconut, soy, citrus and corn
  • By 2025, Seventh Generation is on track to have 100% of its materials and ingredients sustainable, bio-based or recycled

Decrease Carbon Footprint

  • Seventh Generation successfully reduced its facility electric emissions to zero in partnership with electric utility, Burlington Electric, and their renewable energy initiatives

“Looking back at a year like no other, we’re proud of the meaningful progress Seventh Generation has made toward ambitious products and packaging goals while continuing to stay focused on the work yet to be done,” said Ashley Orgain, Global Director of Advocacy and Sustainability at Seventh Generation. “This past year also put a focus on the social and environmental injustice faced by the most vulnerable communities in our country. We can and must do better to meet our climate commitments and continue to invest in solutions that create a healthier, more sustainable, and just world for all.”

Since 2019, Seventh Generation has improved GHG emissions intensity. However, consumer use emissions remains a business challenge. Seventh Generation’s GHG footprint has been dominated by emissions – 88% of its total in 2020 – associated with consumers’ product use. The company continues to advocate for and advance ‘greening the grid’ so that the energy customers use to wash dishes or laundry comes from low emissions and renewable sources. In addition, Seventh Generation laundry products are formulated to work well in cold water, encouraging users to opt for cold wash cycles.

This year, Seventh Generation is laser focused on advancing two key pillars of work in its mission to protect the next seven generations – climate and plastics. The company’s 2021 intention is to correct course on its GHG footprint and further reduce its plastic packaging waste.

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