Asian American Trade Associations Council (AATAC) Approves First Delta-8 Products to Be Distributed in Network By Signing Agreement with DD8 (Dose of Delta-8)

DD8 Dose of Delta-8 Corporation Announces Agreement of New Distribution of Hemp Vaporizer Products

New York City, New York, UNITED STATES

WILMINGTON, Del., Sept. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DD8, LLC, health and wellness-focused vaporizer company, announced signing an agreement that authorizes DD8 to supply the Asian American Trade Associations Council (AATAC) network of convenient stores and retailers, with its hemp-derived Delta-8 products in thousands of retail locations across the U.S. AATAC is one of the country’s largest trade association for independent convenience stores and gas stations.

The AATAC retail network will roll out the premium all-natural hemp-derived product line, called DD8 (Dose of Delta-8), through a mutually beneficial partnership with DD8, LLC.

The Bloomberg featured company, DD8, is part of Dose of Chill LLC, a vertically integrated vaporizer company with one of the most innovative patented inhaler devices currently in the market. DD8 will market its line of premium Delta-8 with unadulterated terpenes, flavors, and aromas to up to 80,000 retail stores in key regulatory supportive states within the AATAC network.

AATAC, one of the largest independent trade associations in the country, is comprised of smaller buying groups, regional sub-chapters, and other trade organizations under one blanket that consists of members controlling over 80,000 locations across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. The new partnership with DD8 will provide the opportunity for distribution and retail of its brand products in key markets nationally.

The partnership will include training for store managers and associates, an educational campaign about Delta-8 and other cannabinoids, trade events, and in-store dedicated shelf space and marketing promotions.

"We are very happy to be the first Delta-8 product to be approved by this prestigious association for recognizing our quality and high standards, all while driving profitability for our retail partners with premium hemp products," said DD8 Co-founder and CEO Kylie Halperin. "The consumer and store feedback has been phenomenal, and we look forward to this partnership bringing DD8 nationwide."

DD8's line of products is expected to begin arriving in stores across the country this summer and may expand to 80,000+ locations by the end of the year.

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