Farsight Security Joins IBM Security App Exchange Community

Farsight DNSDB® part of collaborative development to stay ahead of evolving threats

Seattle, Washington, UNITED STATES

SAN MATEO, Calif., Sept. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Farsight Security, a leader in DNS Intelligence, today launched the integration of its flagship solution, DNSDB, with IBM Security QRadar Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) to provide critical contextual DNS information to increase the value of your threat data, helping advance cyberattack investigations.  

The new application is freely available to the security community through IBM Security App Exchange, a marketplace where developers across the industry can share applications based on IBM Security technologies. As threats are evolving faster than ever, collaborative development amongst the security community will help organizations adapt quickly and speed innovation in the fight against cybercrime.

Bad actors can create, use, and discard domain names for malicious campaigns within minutes. Starting with a single suspicious domain or IP address, Farsight DNSDB integration for QRadar can automatically enhance these digital artifacts with other related DNS asset information to help identify the infrastructure used in cyberattacks to enable organizations to more quickly respond and protect against fast-moving online threats, ranging from phishing to nation-state attacks.

"IBM Security QRadar is a mature and respected platform for enterprise cybersecurity, and we are proud to offer our DNSDB solution to customers who are strongly invested in QRadar," said Paul Vixie, Farsight CEO. "We believe that objective observational services will be the key to turning the tide of cybercrime and related economic losses. Our integration with QRadar reinforces our mission to defend against a wide range of threat actors."

Farsight DNSDB®, with more than 100 billion DNS records, is used by threat hunting and incident response teams of today’s leading government agencies, Fortune 500 corporations including financial, healthcare and manufacturing institutions, top technology firms, including leading cybersecurity companies as well as universities and other non-profits. 

About Farsight Security, Inc.

Farsight Security, Inc. is a leading provider of historical and real-time passive DNS data, including its flagship solution, DNSDB, the world’s largest passive DNS database. We enable security teams to qualify, enrich and correlate all sources of threat data and ultimately save time when it is most critical - during an attack or investigation. Our solutions provide enterprise, government and security industry personnel and platforms with unmatched global visibility, context and response. Farsight Security is headquartered in San Mateo, California, USA. Learn more about how we can empower your threat platform and security team with Farsight Security passive DNS solutions at https://www.farsightsecurity.com/ or follow us on Twitter: @FarsightSecInc.

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