InsideView Adds Millions of Integrated Technographic Profiles and Launches Customized Technographic Data Services

Market-leading technographic data allows customers to target more precisely, sell more efficiently, and improve win rates

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- InsideView, a Demandbase company, announced today that it is integrating technographic data from fellow Demandbase company, DemandMatrix, into its platform to offer customers the most comprehensive data set, including information on the front- and back-end technologies companies are using. The integration significantly expands InsideView’s technographic data offering with market-leading data and intelligence providing sellers with another key buyer signal when targeting customers. In addition, InsideView will offer customized technographic intelligence based on new, innovative data sets tailored to the needs of enterprise sales, marketing, analytics, and data science teams through professional services.

InsideView’s enhanced technographic data provides detailed information about the technology stack of a potential customer, including the hardware and software installed at the company both in front of and behind the firewall, technology adoption patterns, and data predicting the next technology a company will purchase. Customers using technographic data have up to 3x higher response rates and a 57 percent decrease in time to close deals.

“InsideView is on a mission to help marketers and sellers crush their numbers by giving them an inside advantage over their competitors,” said Marc Perramond, VP of Product at InsideView. “Comprehensive and accurate technographic data is among the most effective B2B signals when it comes to identifying the right prospects, partners, or talent pools. I am beyond thrilled to offer this game-changing data set to InsideView customers. Our own data scientists tested every major technographic data source and found DemandMatrix technographics to be the most accurate and comprehensive. Not only that, their technographic data had the single greatest predictive value in identifying new customers.”

The integration brings together InsideView’s industry-leading company and B2B contact data with the best-in-class technographic data. Following on the heels of InsideView’s integration of buyer intent data, it offers customers even deeper insight to identify ideal customers with a strong likelihood to buy.

Customers will now have access to:

  • An expanded universe of 15,000+ front-end and back-end technologies, increasing InsideView’s previous universe of technographic data by five times.
  • Integrated technographic profiles for millions of companies - a 7x increase.
  • Technographic profiles for up to 82 million domains available in an offline file, providing three to five times more data than any other technographics provider.
  • Regularly refreshed technographic data across those millions of companies.

Technographics can help B2B companies elevate their roles beyond vendor to one of a trusted advisor:

“If you don’t understand your prospective customer’s existing technologies and problems, you cannot become their true trusted advisor. It’s that simple,” said Makoto Ishizaka, Go-To-Market Lead, Microsoft. “...DemandMatrix gives us the insights we need to become trusted advisors.” View the Microsoft video testimonial.

Technographics also enhance go-to-market planning and strategy:

”We’ve always relied heavily on firmographics but with DemandMatrix’s advanced data and intelligence we were able to identify the white-space and isolate the accounts with a high propensity to buy our solutions,” said Stephen Catalano, Senior Director, GTM Intelligence, DocuSign. “This helped us reform our go-to-market strategy.” View the DocuSign video testimonial.

Technographic data will be integrated across the InsideView product line. Customers will be able to filter by technographics when building market segments and lists in InsideView Apex, InsideView Target, and InsideView Insights. Accounts and leads can be enriched with technographics using InsideView Data Integrity and InsideView APIs. Complete technographic profiles will also be available within InsideView Insights. This integration is the first of many to come, as Demandbase, InsideView, and DemandMatrix unify the Data Cloud that powers the Demandbase B2B Go-to-Market Suite.

InsideView Professional Services will offer customers additional, tailored insights to support their revenue goals by leveraging innovative technographic data sets not available from any other provider. These include IT spend, revenue potential, next technology purchase, ISV/SI intelligence, and trending technology skills.

“Combining technographics with InsideView’s firmographics, contact data, and insights, sellers are now able to have value-based conversations with executives that help them create partnerships and close larger deals,” said Asher Mathew, VP of Data Cloud at Demandbase.

The InsideView platform with integrated technographic data, and InsideView’s custom technographic data services are available now. For more information about using InsideView’s technographic data, go to:, or read the InsideView blog.

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