Veranome Biosystems Launches Next Wave of Innovation with Release of High Throughput Spatial Analyzer

Mountain View, California

  • Available now, Veranome’s Spatial Analyzer, Model VSA-1, is the first and only system adapting proven semiconductor process control technology to ensure the highest quality data with throughput configurable for both individual and core lab operations.
  • New product is the keystone of Veranome’s end-to-end omics solution that automates the implementation of its highly multiplexed, single cell spatial omics workflow including gene panel design, image classification, and spatial analysis at the molecular and cellular levels.
  • Product verification and validation completed at two separate sites with post-validation implementation in several research projects and multiple customer installations planned in calendar Q4 2021.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Sept. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Veranome Biosystems today announced commercial availability of the VSA-1 instrument for highly multiplexed, single cell spatial analysis. The VSA-1 seamlessly integrates with Veranome’s suite of reagents and software products, including automated panel design, image classification, and imaging analysis, and features world-class deep-learning cell segmentation software.

About the product: The VSA-1 offers automated and robust operations for performing Veranome’s cyclic FISH workflows in a single package.  

  • Built to semiconductor equipment quality standards, the system incorporates the same robust instrument control software used in thousands of semiconductor process tools around the world.
  • Anti-vibration controls allow for installation on virtually any lab bench.
  • Configurable for single or dual flow cells to tailor throughput for individual and core labs alike.
  • Proprietary flow cell offers significant improvements for fast, reliable loading of samples.
  • Advanced fluidics module ensures precision control and monitoring of reagents to maximize imaging yield.

“High-resolution, highly multiplexed spatial omics hold tremendous promise to accelerate medical research and enable the next wave of precision medicine,” said Jim Dietz, President of Veranome Biosystems. “The launch of Veranome’s VSA-1 brings together for the first time high-resolution, high-throughput semiconductor optical inspection and process control technologies with high-sensitivity biological workflows to provide researchers with new tools that reduce the time needed to generate high-quality spatial data.”

Product release timing: Initial customer installations are being scheduled for calendar Q4 2021 with full release and production ramp planned for calendar Q2 2022. Watch our product video for more information about the VSA-1 and Veranome’s growing portfolio of spatial omics solutions, and contact us at

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Veranome Biosystems LLC, an Applied Materials company, provides the spatial analysis market with a reliable, easy-to-use, end-to-end multi-omics solution. We enable researchers to deepen their understanding of diseases with high-quality data of how individual cells organize within tissue, using robust workflows, reliable imaging systems and without the need for extensive bioinformatics tools or infrastructure. Veranome’s unique combination of genomics expertise and world-class high-speed diffraction limited optical imaging capabilities enables researchers to access in-situ spatial omics and elucidate reliable disease insights with unsurpassed data quality. For more information, please visit

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