careMESH introduces TRANSITIONS service line to transform care team collaboration

Hospitals keep referring providers informed about patient treatment with automated updates and integrated messaging.

Reston, Virginia, UNITED STATES

Reston, Virginia, Sept. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- careMESH, a healthcare communications platform that allows hospitals, physician practices, and other organizations to share patient information with any provider in the United States, today announced a new service line, careMESH TRANSITIONS. Developed in conjunction with hospital clinical and administrative teams, TRANSITIONS manages, streamlines, and automates entire referral workflows—from receipt to discharge—and is interoperable with EHRs through standards-based HL7® FHIR® APIs.

First implemented in April 2021 at the Tampa General Hospital Heart and Vascular Institute, TRANSITIONS is a highly configurable patient workflow management system that includes integrated communications to update the entire care team as patients progress through treatment.  It supports the diverse workflows that different clinical programs require, from routine procedures such as valve replacements to complex interventions such as organ transplants.

Using careMESH TRANSITIONS, clinical programs capture all referrals into a single, customizable dashboard. The Program Manager Hub guides users through a wide range of tasks to easily request patient records, track authorizations, order tests, and schedule procedures while keeping the referring provider and entire care team informed of progress. This comprehensive approach allows specialty groups, surgical centers, referral departments, transitional care managers, and others to:

  • Maintain visibility on current patient status and ongoing progress.
  • Reduce time to procedure by improving handoffs between multidisciplinary teams.
  • Automate communication and improve collaboration with external providers.
  • Monitor real-time program analytics to identify and remove process bottlenecks.
  • Streamline the patient experience by improving throughput.

“Before careMESH, our team was utilizing spreadsheets and a cumbersome, manual process to enter all of the patient information. The team would hand off patients in the workflow with physical patient folders. Our program kept growing, the patient volume kept growing, and we outgrew that manual process,” said Kathryn Kastner, Center Manager for Interventional Cardiology within the Heart & Vascular Institute, in a recent interview. “careMESH provides a one-stop-shop for our team to manage all inbound referrals. It provides clear visibility on where patients are in our process. Workflow assignments for each person mean that when one team member is finished working with a patient, the next team member knows it is their turn to complete their tasks. careMESH makes it very transparent and simple.”

“TRANSITIONS builds on our core strengths of communicating with and sharing patient information with any provider nationwide,” commented Dr. Peter S. Tippett, careMESH Founder and CEO. “It takes away the manual administrative burden so our customers, such as the Heart & Vascular Institute, can better manage patient referrals, co-manage patients with partner facilities, and ensure a smooth transition home for even the most complex patients.”

About careMESH

careMESH is a healthcare communications platform that connects the care continuum so that any provider working with any electronic health record can instantly communicate and collaborate with any other. careMESH cloud-based services allow hospitals and health systems, public health agencies, physician groups, and others to communicate about patients, maintain complete control over when and where information is shared, and rapidly reduce reliance on outdated tools such as fax and phone calls. To learn more, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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A Quote from a careMESH TRANSITIONS Customer in the TGH Heart & Vascular Institute careMESH TRANSITIONS, managed through the Program Hub and integrated with the EHR, is a complete patient workflow management system with fully integrated communications capabilities that support administrative teams and clinical specialists while improving referring physician relations and keeping them informed through each step of the patient care journey.

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