memobottle: The Flat Water Bottle That Is Taking the World by Storm

Introducing the memobottle - with half a million in its first two weeks of launch, it is the water bottle reimagined ... designed to fit in bags and lives

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

MELBOURNE, Australia, Sept. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The social and environmental impact stats from the Kickstarter campaign alone are equally impressive, with the company:

  • Preventing over 1.5 million single-use bottles from being discarded to landfill.
  • Donating over 1.3 million days of clean water to those in need.
  • Half a million dollars and counting in funding.

So why is this new water bottle so revolutionary?

Here's a problem that is experienced all of the time - imagine someone packing for school, the office, or a hike but their water bottle just keeps on taking up all the space in their bag. They've tried playing Tetris with all possible combinations and positions, but it simply won't fit.

Well, that's a dilemma that memobottle has solved with their unique flat, reusable water bottles. Founders Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt launched the head-turning, ingenious bottles in four unique sizes that are designed around the standard international paper sizes, allowing them to be a perfect fit in people's bags, and lives. The memobottle is designed to ensure the water bottle will never be left behind again. 

"We analyzed the other objects that we often carry in our bags and realised that the majority were flat - laptops, books, iPads. It didn't make sense for our water bottles to be round," says memobottle co-founder and designer Jesse Leeworthy.

"Our goal is to inspire everyone to go reusable. Our bottles are built to last, they save you space in your bag, and allow you to have water on the go wherever you go," says Byrt.

The light-weight stainless steel memobottles feature a wide mouth piece and an internal thread, making them easy to fill when on the go, and create a smooth drinking experience. memobottle have also released bottle cleaning tablets to ensure the bottle is always squeaky clean.

The recent Kickstarter campaign is another re-invention of the traditional water bottle, after the duo released their original memobottle back in 2014 that became a viral sensation. The unique style and convenience of the product has generated endorsements by well-known personalities such as Jennifer Lopez, Hailey Beiber, the Kardashians, and Anne Hathaway.

memobottle, a certified B-Corporation, estimates that they have prevented over 100 million single-use water bottles from being consumed and discarded to landfill in the past six years. And through their partnership with the not-for-profit, memobottle has provided over 11 million days of clean water to those in need. Despite the huge impact, Leeworthy and Byrt are confident that they are only just getting started.

memobottle's Stainless Steel Kickstarter campaign is live until 16 September.

Check it out here:

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The water bottle reimagined. Designed to fit in your bag, and life.

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