HAAS® Releases New Variety-Specific Offerings to Meet Growing Global Demand

Flowable Hop Flavoring Product INCOGNITO® Now Available in El Dorado®, Centennial and Chinook, Providing Hop-Forward Brewers Even More Sustainable, Flavorful Choices

Washington, District of Columbia, UNITED STATES

YAKIMA, Wash., Sept. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Over two years into a brewing revolution launched by John I. Haas, Inc., with the introduction of INCOGNITO® – the breakthrough flowable flavor hop product that re-wrote the rules of taste, waste, and sustainability in craft brewing – HAAS has announced the availability of three new INCOGNITO® varieties, INCOGNITO El Dorado®, INCOGNITO Centennial and INCOGNITO Chinook.

“Incognito started simply as an innovative solution to vexing brewing process problem, namely the dramatic beer loss associated with brewing increasingly hop-forward beers. But it’s turned into an international success,” said Dr. Alex Byelashov, Vice President of Innovations at John I. Haas. “INCOGNITO sales have increased beyond our expectations, not only because these flowable flavor hop products enhance brewing efficiency, but because they taste so true to type.”

“With the entire INCOGNITO line in high demand, we knew it was the right time to add new INCOGNITO choices. On that note, we are proud to introduce INCOGNITO El Dorado®, INCOGNITO Centennial and INCOGNITO Chinook as the newest members of the INCOGNITO family, which now includes INCOGNITO Citra® HBC 394 c.v., INCOGNITO Mosaic® HBC 369 c.v., INCOGNITO Ekuanot® HBC 366 c.v., INCOGNITO Sabro® HBC 438 c.v., and INCOGNITO HBC 472 c.v.”

Easy to ship, store, and pour, INCOGNITO also greatly reduces the amount of spent hops for disposal at the end of the brewing process, offering a sustainable, more environmentally friendly brewing outcome.

Continually striving to provide innovative new products in the hops industry, John I. Haas is pleased to offer the newly expanded INCOGNITO products to brewers worldwide. To learn more about brewing with INCOGNITO, email brewing.solutions@johnihaas.com, or visit www.johnihaas.com/incognito for more information.

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