Helping Organizations Identify and Develop Future Leaders Sooner, Plum Announces New Leadership Potential Solution

Latest Addition to the Plum Platform Delivers Objective Data to Build Diverse Leadership Pipelines and Prioritize Employee Development

WATERLOO, Ontario, Sept. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Revolutionizing how global enterprises hire, grow and retain talent with the predictive power of psychometric data, Plum today announced details of its new Leadership Potential solution. Plum Leadership Potential enables organizations to identify high-potential talent using proven science combined with scalable technology. By leveraging the results of Plum’s single assessment, organizations can instantly measure leadership potential in every employee, ensuring each member of the workforce is equitably considered for their aptitude. Plum Leadership Potential also ensures companies are using objective criteria to strip away bias and build more diverse leadership pipelines.

According to Harvard Business Review, 40 percent of individuals in high potential programs do not actually have strong leadership potential. Other industry research revealed that 88 percent of DEI leaders perceive bias in their promotion and succession processes and 50 percent of HR professionals lack confidence in their “hi po” programs.

Plum CEO, Caitlin MacGregor, said, “Our platform gives organizations predictive data to inform multiple talent decisions, and one of the most important talent decisions companies are facing right now is objectively determining who has the potential to develop into leadership roles. With the launch of our new Leadership Potential solution, we’re extending the reach of Plum’s predictive science to help organizations objectively identify employees with leadership potential earlier in their careers by assessing every employee for potential across the workforce, so that no future leaders get overlooked.”

Plum’s Leadership Potential solution is based on six foundational dimensions that predict an employee’s potential to grow into and succeed in future leadership positions: learning agility, presence, drive, empowerment, self-confidence and composure. In addition to providing the organization with valuable scientific insights, Plum creates positive employee experiences by providing actionable and easy-to-understand reports that help both employer and employee prepare for future leadership roles.

MacGregor commented, “Building a strong and diverse leadership pipeline starts with using unbiased data that is based on proven science. By objectively surfacing employees with leadership potential – regardless of race, gender, and background - organizations can engage, develop and retain future leaders who will be critical to their organization’s future success. Many industry leaders already rely on Plum to support their talent decisions and we’re excited to support their leadership programs through our newest solution.”

Plum’s Leadership Potential solution is available now. To book a demonstration, please visit

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Plum is a talent assessment platform that strips away bias and reveals human potential to revolutionize how global enterprises hire, grow, and retain talent. With unmatched scalability, Plum powers more objective and equitable talent decisions across the employee lifecycle using the predictive power of psychometric data. In one platform, Plum empowers organizations to quantify job fit, identify potential, provide personalized career insights and create high-performing teams. Visit for details.

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