Zaiser Motors reaches initial funding goal on WeFunder, unveils designs for an expanded Electrocycle platform

Incorporating the best elements from the design of the Silhouette, the sportier, more lightweight Arrow provides more flexibility as the electric motorcycle manufacturer continues its crowdfunding campaign

DENVER, Sept. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zaiser Motors, the technology leader creating the world’s first Electrocycle™, today announced the company reached its initial funding goal and the addition of a second electric bike, the Arrow, which will join the Silhouette on the newly designed Electrocycle™ platform. 

Following a two-week social media teaser campaign, the two new designs were officially unveiled today on the Zaiser Motors Wefunder campaign page, which reached its initial funding goal in just six short weeks. Zaiser will utilize the funds raised to bolster the development of its first electric motorcycles and has recently hired an industry veteran as its new director of design to unify the entire Electrocycle™ platform.

Recognizing the opportunity for innovation in the electric motorcycle market, Zaiser Motors is working hard to bring the Electrocycleplatform to market in 2022. Both bikes appeal to traditional motorcycle riders and people who are looking for an entrance into electric motorcycling.

The goal of the Electrocycleplatform redesign is to bolster the touring potential of the Silhouette and open up new capacities for add-ons and customizations down the road. The Silhouette is targeted to reach the more traditional rider looking to transition from internal combustion to electric and costs around $25,000. The expected range on the Silhouette is still 300 miles with a 120 mph top speed. The Arrow targets riders who are looking for a more affordable option, specifically for city riding and commuting. The expected range on the Arrow is 160 miles with a 100 mph top speed, and the model is priced at $8,500. 

Zaiser Motors is working with multiple industry and manufacturing partners to create a revolutionary twin-hub powertrain with removable and recyclable batteries, advancing the standard in the electric motorcycle industry. Using proprietary stabilization and traction control systems, Zaiser’s electric motorcycles combine unparalleled performance and uncompromising safety. 

Zaiser Motors’ unique modular system allows for maximum personalization and sustainability/replaceability of parts. Anthony Cross, the CEO of Zaiser Motors, said, “12,000 pounds of CO2 is saved each year per Electrocycle™, and we aim to recycle most — if not all — of the components within the first 10 years of production, making this one of the most sustainable electric bikes on the market.” 

The initial stage of funding has helped Zaiser Motors secure several notable partnerships that will be announced later this year. The goal for the next stage of investments is to test and complete the prototype and begin taking preorders in early 2022.  

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About Zaiser Motors
Zaiser Motors is a Colorado-based technology leader rethinking what an electric motorcycle could be. Committed to safety, sustainability and innovation, Zaiser redefined the design criteria for electric motorcycles by developing the world’s first Electrocycle™ and the Electrocycle™ platform, which now includes two models: the Silhouette and the Arrow. Available for less than $25,000, the Silhouette is the world’s first twin-hub electric motorcycle and has a 300-mile range, while the Arrow is more affordable and designed for city riding and commuting. Both modular designs include all-wheel drive and cutting-edge safety and accident avoidance technologies. For more information, please visit



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