Perceptyx Sets New Standard for Post-Pandemic Employee Listening: Continuous Conversations at Scale

People Insights Platform reveals what really matters to employees through point-in-time surveys, always-on listening, real-time crowdsourcing, 360 feedback, and the industry’s most accurate employee sentiment analysis

TEMECULA, Calif., Sept. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Perceptyx, the leading employee listening and people analytics company, today introduced its People Insights Platform to help global organizations keep pace with rapidly-changing employee needs and expectations.

Employees today want organizations to be more attuned and attentive to their needs — both inside and outside the workplace. During the pandemic, work and personal lives became more tightly intertwined and employees demanded greater empathy from their employer. Yet achieving the necessary level of understanding into employee perspectives and experiences has become even more difficult with remote work, distributed teams and a polarizing backdrop of issues ranging from racial justice to vaccine mandates — all of which can shift employee sentiment in an instant. Employers need continuous insights well beyond those provided by traditional employee survey tools alone.

“A reliance on annual or infrequent, rearview mirror surveys alone no longer cuts it. In the current environment, organizations want a new way to engage their people in continuous conversations on a global scale. They need an ongoing exchange of feedback and ideas, and the means to efficiently analyze and interpret thousands of interactions,” said John Borland, CEO of Perceptyx. “Businesses without this ongoing insight simply can’t hear what their employees are telling them, resulting in weak business performance and extraordinary levels of attrition.”

Perceptyx’s People Insights Platform builds upon its proven technology and 18 years of experience designing and implementing comprehensive listening programs for large, distributed organizations. It also reflects the integration of technology from its recent acquisition of Waggl. The platform combines point-in-time surveys, always-on listening, and real-time crowdsourcing and voting capabilities, giving organizations multiple ways to engage their employees in an active exchange at scale. A new integrated insights portal, dubbed the Listening Home, brings together all those disparate conversations in a unified portal to illuminate what matters most and inform next steps.

Many customers are already using the new platform. Comcast uses it to understand the dynamic needs of employees in today’s often volatile environment using annual, ad-hoc, and lifecycle surveys. “Imagine you’re a CEO trying to manage 90,000 employees. Even in the best of times, you have no way to get out and talk to every single person, and in today’s volatile environment it can be near impossible to understand their perspectives. Perceptyx allows us to have an ongoing conversation with the organization at scale; it’s the way we provide our leaders with immediate insights into the issues that really matter to people — and get ahead of them,” said Suzanne Hanlon, Vice President, Employee Insights and Engagement for Comcast.

The Perceptyx product portfolio is the most powerful way to illuminate the employee experience and help your organization thrive:

Ask: Point-in-Time Surveys
Building on the survey capabilities that allow Perceptyx to run the core employee listening programs of more than 30% of the Fortune 100, Ask features new self-service capabilities to allow organizations to more easily design and implement ad-hoc surveys, leveraging a library of more than 250 benchmarked questions to understand key perceptions and behaviors related to the employee experience such as engagement, diversity, equity and inclusion, health and well-being, and much more.

Sense: Always-On Listening
Sense makes it easy for organizations to launch listening initiatives around specific moments in the employee lifecycle, such as when employees are onboarded or when they exit. This insight allows leaders to design a better employee experience and get ahead of issues such as unwanted turnover through predictive modeling. Such timely, ongoing surveys are usually challenging to administer asynchronously across thousands of employees, but Sense is a purpose-built product that makes the process simple.

Dialogue: Real-Time Crowdsourced Feedback
Dialogue is an entirely new product stemming from the recent acquisition of Waggl. Dialogue allows employers to pose timely questions to employees, crowdsource ideas and gather votes via an innovative pair-voting system. For example, a healthcare system used this capability to crowdsource views on the necessary criteria for hiring a new chief nursing officer (CNO), a move that built trust among the nursing population and allowed the new CNO to be immediately effective. Dialogue provides a spontaneous and social way for employees to make their voices heard.

Develop: Leader Effectiveness
Develop extends Perceptyx’s expertise in employee listening to the realm of performance management, with a multi-rater 360/180 feedback product designed specifically for providing leaders with critical insight into others’ perspectives of their efforts. When combined with data from other Perceptyx listening channels, companies will have exceptional insight into leader and manager effectiveness.

People Insights Platform
As the foundation for continuous conversations at scale, the People Insights Platform brings together all the listening channels and signals, using enterprise-grade people analytics and machine learning to connect the dots between employee feedback and business results, giving leaders insight into the actions that matter most. These channels converge in the new integrated insights portal, the Listening Home, to help surface insights spanning multiple listening channels to identify themes, support decision-making, and provide focus on actions that matter most.

Included in the platform, the sentiment analysis engine is now industry-leading with accuracy approaching that of a human reader. Unlike most survey tools that utilize sentiment models trained on consumer or general population surveys with very different language from that of employees, Perceptyx utilizes a machine learning sentiment model trained exclusively on employee survey data, making it purpose-built for understanding sentiment within the enterprise. This makes the task of analyzing hundreds of thousands of open-text comments from employees easier than it’s ever been — making them far more useful to the organization.

Also updated with this release was the Perceptyx Benchmark Database — the industry’s most comprehensive dataset of employee feedback comprising more than 15 million employee surveys across 180 countries and 20 industries, with over 525 distinct survey items — allowing organizations to contextualize their data and better understand how they compare.

“Organizations should be using ‘people intelligence’ to listen and prompt the right conversations about the right issues, at the right time — to really understand their relationship with their people. That’s always been challenging to do, but has been made even more so by the pandemic. The Perceptyx platform makes it possible to have these types of conversations at scale,” said David Perring, director of research at Fosway Group.

About Perceptyx

Since its founding in 2003, Perceptyx has been redefining the employee insights industry, delivering enterprise-level employee listening and people analytics to more than 500 clients, including one-third of the Fortune 100. With an unrivaled technology platform and a tailor-made, flexible approach, the Perceptyx platform makes it easy for managers, HR executives and business leaders to discover insights deep within large and complex organizations, driving meaningful action to improve business outcomes. Driven by a deep intellectual curiosity and a culture of innovation, Perceptyx is challenging the status quo — to help people and organizations “see the way forward.”

The Perceptyx HR Benchmark Database is a database of several hundred common survey items for external HR benchmarking. This data was gathered from Perceptyx clients over a rolling three-year period and includes data from hundreds of organizations with more than 15 million respondents. Domestic U.S. firms and many multinational organizations, varying in size from 500 to more than 500,000 employees, are represented in the database. Benchmarks are available by industry, sector, sub-sector, job level, job function, age, gender, ethnicity, tenure, country, size of company, union status, Fortune 100/Fortune 500 status, and more.

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