Technicorum Announces Influencio, the new Token for Influencers

Influencio aims to solve market friction in the fast-growing micro and macro influencer market, becoming the preferred currency for transactions between


SINGAPORE, Sept. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain Wire) –– Technicorum Holdings, an IT and service group specializing in Digital Assets and successful incubator of innovative Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and NFT project KingSwap, today announced Influencio, a Binance Smart Chain Token designed to solve the scattered payment methods of the global influencer marketing industry and streamline their payment flows. The Token will be launched along with European crowdfunding expert Daniel Daboczy, Swedish influencer and manager Danjal Kanani and more than 25 global, TV personalities and influencers. Some of the founding influencers are: Shero Amara 4 millions, Narin 19,4 millions, Sherin 9,16 millions, Cedras 5 millions, Samir Badran 650K, Mangoo 100K, Zaitros 553K, Vlad Reiser 800K, Zuhir Hersi (DJ Subeer) 971K, Lundellhuset 198K, Investment Couple 177K, Pengabingen 155K, Froken_Investerare 91,7K, Oscar Fagler 157K, Alibrorsh 12,6K, Skyze Life 150K, Linus Carlén 130K, Gustav Björklund 200K, Denise Moberg 1,3 millions, Lani Mo 40K, Jonte Borg 291K, Lushiiman 34K, Rask 157K, Christian Svengard 14,6K, Ken Ring 69K, Philip Isberg 30,3K, Danjal Kanani 495K, Joakim Lundell 2,8 millions, Jonna Lundell 1,8 millions, Laxton 240K, Anjo 126K, Mcjonka & Josi 42K, Jeremias Derrick 65K, Konstigabloggen 330K, Christian Lundgren 10K, Erpewijk 332K, Daniel Norlin 714K, Kostik 150K

Influencio, which uses blockchain technology to address payment processing, secure tracking, and campaign monitoring, will have a supply of 1 billion coins, out of which 250 million will be issued starting October 7, 2021.
The influencer marketing industry, especially the micro-influencer market is fast-growing, expected to reach a market size of USD 10.24 billion in 2021, as against the size of USD 7.68 billion in 2020. Solving key market issues like lack of transparency and poor tracking of the order flow, Influencio aims to become the preferred vertical currency for the industry and get listed on several decentralized exchanges in 2021. 
The new cryptocurrency will lead to a smoother payment flow for influencers and marketers that engage influencers for exposure campaigns. Also, Influencio will introduce NFTs and DeFi to the ecosystem. 
"I have been working with some of the biggest influencers and tv-personalities for many years now, and I am super convinced that the Influencio token is well needed and expected by the industry, and its blockchain solutions will lead to a larger and more effective micro and macro influencer market. Influencers using Influencio as payment, motivated by using and growing Influencio into a vertical industry token, will benefit greatly," Swedish influencer Danjal Kanani said.
Daniel Daboczy, CEO of Technicorum Holdings said the global influencer market is huge and fast-growing but at the same time surprising to see how scattered or in some cases non-existing, the FinTech part of this industry is and the amount of work that can be done for the industry with little efforts as the expertise, tools and the knowhow is already available. 
“Influencio has a fair chance to truly maximize the opportunity to establish proper FinTech tools based on blockchain and crypto while ensuring a secure and serious approach to this fast-growing industry. We believe that the global influencer industry will benefit from having Influencio, as its industry currency paired with some of the best technology available. These tools will accelerate this fast-growing industry even more,” Daboczy said.
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ABOUT Influencio
Influencio is a new cryptocurrency, a BSC network token designed to address friction and monetization within the growing global influencer market. Supported by some of the biggest Youtubers and influencers in the Nordic and their management, va Danjal Kanani main partner in the Influencio project, as well as Daniel Daboczy, Influencio solves key market challenges using blockchain, along with NFT and DeFi elements. Influencio streamlines payments and processing, content marketing management, interaction monitoring, and offers FinTech solutions to the industry. For more information, please visit:
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