Technicorum Strikes a Strategic Business Partnership to Integrate Fiat-Crypto Payment in Gennix Microlending Protocol

Gennix has integrated on-ramp and off-ramp crypto exchange services on its micro-lending platform.


SINGAPORE, Sept. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain Wire) –– Technicorum Holdings, an IT and service group specializing in Digital Assets and successful incubator of innovative DeFi and NFT project KingSwap, today announced that Gennix, a microlending protocol aimed at reducing financial inequality on the blockchain has struck a strategic business partnership with DTC to integrate Fiat -Crypto payment for consumers.

“DTC is delighted to be a strategic partner to Gennix and potential future developments for the DeFi ecosystem," said El Lee, COO of Digital Treasures Center. "DTC acts as a payment gateway and liquidity provider for Gennix users to convert between fiat and crypto. Onboarded users also get access to DTC's compliant and secure wallet solution that complements the decentralized platform at Gennix.” 

Gennix enables participation for everyone, providing benefits for Holders, Stakers, Lenders, and borrowers within the Gennix ecosystem. The strategic partnership with DTC offers a simplified Fiat-Crypto payment gateway for all Gennix users. This enables anyone to purchase or sell $GNNX Tokens to a stablecoin such as USDT, then convert it into fiat money and participate in the Gennix ecosystem. DTC on-ramps and off-ramps integration on the Gennix platform offers quicker, secure, and reliable payments for the Gennix community. 

“We have seen the greatest success when opportunity drives collaboration," Keefe Tan, Project Director for Gennix. "Gennix has identified the specific challenges that a partnership with DTC can solve. We have identified the pain points of our users, what worries them and how we can better serve our community.”

Shareholders are becoming increasingly deliberate about investing in projects based on their sustainability. Gennix provides investors options to convert fiat money easily into USDT, BTC, ETH, or other ERC20 tokens to purchase $GNNX tokens through its platform and other DEX on Binance Smart Chain such as PancakeSwap. The on-ramp and off-ramp integration in Gennix platform allows investors to purchase and withdraw from as low as $200 to as high as $1,000,000 fiat money directly from their local banks to the Gennix platform vice versa. 

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Gennix is a DeFi-built uniform Layer 2 lending protocol that’s designed to maximize scalability, composability, and growth. The project promotes end-to-end lending and borrowing of digital assets and related financial products by operating on public networks. A game-changing feature that distinguishes Gennix from other DeFi projects is its foundation on the latest innovative BSC network and the introduction of NFT yield boosters. For more information, visit

Technicorum Group comprises of subsidiaries, a few which are regulated, specializing in various verticals in the Digital Assets space, with a one-stop-shop capability to launch, incubate and bring to the global market any blockchain, digital asset, fintech, NFT, DeFi etc project, and is primarily responsible for the KingSwap project, with references of over 100 ICO’s worked on in the past 3 years through its subsidiaries. 

KingSwap ( is a DeFi project based out of Singapore with a **“regulated” token that introduces a liquidity pool platform with possible fiat conversions. KingSwap’s high-yield liquidity platform offers extensive staking rewards and digital collectibles. 

**" Regulated" - KingSwap commissioned Gravitas International Associates Pte Ltd, a Singapore Payment Service Act ("PSA") exempt company, to issue the $KING tokens. A legal opinion regarding the token issuance has been submitted to the MAS in accordance with the PSA requirements. Gravitas has already submitted an application to the MAS for full licensing under PSA, and the said application is pending review. KingSwap itself has no license specific to DeFi projects, as there is no specific legislation anywhere in the world at this point in time, and is following the regulatory framework of the PSA in Singapore at the time of writing.

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