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Company Announcement no. 80
Vejle, the 16. September 2021


Green Impact Ventures A/S is delisted from Nasdaq First North on 17.9.2021.

Statement by Director Toke Reedtz, “Nasdaqs decision to suspent and now delist the Company, is a clear violation of section 108 of the Capital Markets Act 1., which states that a listed company can neither be suspended nor delisted if there is only a probability that it is to the significant detriment of the investors in the company .. It is further stated in the press that the company should have committed several infringements and harmed the investors' interest in the market. This can be completely rejected with reference to the reasons stated in company announcement no. 76. and further point out that the Company has instead been instrumental in attracting new listings to First North. The fact is that there have never been so many listed companies on Nasdaq First North as now.

Following the IPO in mid-2019, we have been hit by production challenges in the transition from the development of a product to the initiation of automated production in Denmark, at the same time as the Board of Directors chose to spread the company to several industries too quickly and lastly the effects of Covid-19. Should I point out today three more individual actions that have had an enormous impact on the outcome we are now facing, then in my opinion it is the following:

1. That our cornerstone investor, Hebo Danmark Holding ApS, sells all their shares, at a time incomprehensible to the company, and against what was the intention of the collaboration, which actually destroyed the company's market value and thus defacto the investors' values ​​(a loss of approx. DKK 400 million) by overflowing the market with shares, of course with very large profits for Hebo Danmark Holding ApS and;

2. Nasdaq stopped the listing of Aquaturu A/S, despite the fact that all agreements were in place with Nasdaq and partners around the listing, including certified advisor Tofte & Co, and that the company had completed the entire IPO process. At that time, based on the clear expectation of an upcoming listing, the company had invested millions in the organization as well as to external consultants and despite the fact that the company had sold half of the offering (25 MDKK) at a market value of 170 MDKK, Nasdaq chose anyway to stop the listing. That action threw Waturu Holding A/S into a sea of ​​negative events, which meant that investors lost confidence in the management and which meant that the operating company Waturu ApS lost orders for millions of DKK, which Nasdaq was aware of and which thus put Waturu Holding A/S under enormous pressure and;

3. That media, such as Jyllandsposten (by Jesper Høberg), Økonomisk Ugebrev (by Morten Langer) and others, have repeatedly reproduced incorrect and one-sided information, which completely destroyed the company's credible, such as by printing a front page with a picture of the company director and indicate that the whole company was a scam. The significance for the company was lost investors and partners who suddenly no longer believed in the company, for example the company's auditor connection. Despite the company repeatedly communicating with the media, the damage had been done. It was and became a self-fulfilling prophecy, which the media is and was fully aware of ”.

Initiates capital injection:

The potential of the three subsidiaries is intact.

It is the company's and external partners' expectations that within a few years the subsidiary Waturu will be able to sell units to a much greater extent than previously assumed and with greater profit as a result for Waturu and thus the shareholders.

The subsidiary Aquaturu A/S is a technology solution provider for land-based fish farms (aquaculture), which is found in all countries and which is growing rapidly. It is the company's expectation that the water purification technology can eventually become an important solution in the treatment of production water at fish farms.

Watgen Medical A/S is in terms of development dependent on further validation of the product to create credibility. Based on successful validation, the market for wound care is global and there are approx. 2% of the population in the western world that suffers from chronic wounds, which is why the market potential is huge.

Green Impact Ventures A/S is therefore initiating a capital injection, which will provide the company with up to DKK 8 million. DKK 2.25 million has been pre-signed with positive commitments from additional investors, including the current management.

In addition to investments in the subsidiaries, the capital injection must at least ensure that the company has working capital for 12 months, which is inevitably the only requirement the company currently does not meet in order to have the shares admitted to trading on another stock exchange, which is the Board of Directors' ambition during 2022, so that there is again an active price and that the shares can be traded efficiently.

An external advisor will calculate an updated market value, which will form the basis for the offer price for the capital increase.

The tender is expected to be completed in October.

The company's shareholders will receive a detailed description of the offering by post.

In addition, the company is in dialogue with a Corporate Finance company, which is working on finding a loan of 15 MDKK, which will help the company with additional financing for growth.

The company also has a receivable of DKK 3.8 million from Danish Tax Authorities.

Status of Green Impact Ventures A/S and the need for capital

The company consists of 3 subsidiaries, Waturu ApS (development and production of water heaters / water purification technology), Aquaturu A/S (development and production of purification solutions for land-based aquaculture) and Watgen Medical A/S (medico solutions for, among other things, wound care).

Waturu ApS:

The company must be provided with additional capital to start Danish production of the company's unique water heater. A water heater that is unique in being tankless, ultra-energy efficient, which kills bacteria in the water and which has a long life expectancy due to built-in anti-lime function.

The capital must, among other things, ensure that new molds can be produced, which should solve the production challenges and also that some technical specifications can be changed before the product must be subjected to new external tests (required for all changes), after which the sale can be initiated.

Waturu ApS has entered into distributor agreements in Denmark and abroad.

There is a dialogue about concluding a joint venture with a Danish / Pakistani company on production in Pakistan, together with the establishment of a sales office with responsibility for sales to the whole of Asia.

There is also dialogue with other actors who have similar interests.

Aquaturu  A/S:

The company has entered into an agreement with a new director who will deposit 1 MDKK. The investment will not dilute existing shareholders in addition to Green Impact Ventures A/S. The agreement is expected to be completed in September.

In addition, there is a dialogue with several investors, who together must ensure that the company can produce and sell the first reference units, after which Aquaturu A/S will seek growth capital via a stock exchange listing outside Denmark, where the focus is on Aquaculture.

The market is global and the production of fish on land is growing rapidly, which requires new technical solutions that can ensure a more sustainable farming.

The company has received the first order from a large American company, which produces salmon on land and will find and enter into a reference with 5 Danish players.

Watgen Medical A/S:

The company is working on initiating further testing of a medico product, which will help to reduce infections and thus ensure faster wound healing in, for example, patients with chronic wounds. The validation will be carried out at a recognized foreign university. If the validation is positive, the company will be moved to the USA.

The costs of the validation and reorganization of the company will require min. 1 MDKK in capital, after which it is expected that the company itself will be able to raise more capital in the USA.

Forward communication:

Following the delisting from Nasdaq First North, the company will seek to pursue the current communications structure. Investors can sign up to receive a newsletter and in addition, investors can find information on the company's website under Investor Relations.

Trading in the company's shares must be registered with the company, which is required by law. Find more information on our website about how the registration is handled and what costs it entails as a consequence of the delisting.

After the delisting, the shareholders' shares will still appear in the shareholder's custody.

About Green Impact Ventures A/S

Green Impact Ventures A/S is a technology company that develops innovative water technology. Green Impact Ventures A/S is the main shareholder in the technology companies Waturu ApS (water heater), Watgen Medical A/S (medico) and in Aquaturu A/S (aquaculture).

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