Vystar Adds Fluid Energy Conversion Into Planned RxAir Spin-Off

Worcester, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

  • FEC patented technology has potential for applications in multiple industries
  • FEC to prioritize air and water purification R&D

Worcester, MA, Sept. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vystar® Corporation’s (OTCQB: VYST) Board of Directors has approved plans to add its Fluid Energy Conversion, Inc.(FEC), subsidiary into the previously announced planned spin-off of its RxAir® UV light air purification subsidiary into a publicly traded entity (RxAir NewCo). This is expected to occur in early 2022. The addition of FEC to the RxAir spin-off will not change the previously announced ratio of the dividend of stock in RxAir NewCo that is planned to be issued to Vystar shareholders of record. The spin-off will enable Vystar to focus on its Rotmans Furniture retail business and Vytex® latex and rubber products, while allowing RxAir NewCo to pursue strategic partnerships for the funding, research, development and commercialization of FEC’s patented technologies across multiple industries.

“The FEC technology has a potential for applications in many different areas, including for RxAir, so it makes sense from an operational and investment perspective to pair it with the RxAir spin-out and keep it all under one management team,” stated Steve Rotman, CEO of Vystar.

Vystar plans to appoint Bryan Stone, MD, as CEO of RxAir NewCo to oversee both businesses. Dr. Stone has been involved in the research and marketing of RxAir and R&D of FEC with its founder Nathaniel Hughes prior to FEC’s acquisition by Vystar. Dr. Stone is a member of the Vystar Board of Directors and a long-term advisor to Vystar on product development for the healthcare industry. He also is the Chairman of Medicine Emeritus at Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs, Calif., and the Medical Director at multiple DaVita Dialysis Centers.

FEC developed and patented the Hughes Molecular Mixer and Catalytic Reactor (H-MMCR™ or Hughes Reactor), a highly efficient, cost effective, mass producible energy conversion device. This breakthrough technology converts the molecular and dynamic flow energies of gas or liquid directly into a controlled ultrasonic energy field. Powerful ultrasound is used to establish a uniform, controlled cavitation field. This cavitation field adds ionic energy. The Hughes Reactor can push chemical reactions or improve ignition by raising molecular energy levels to high states of excitement. The process has virtually no limits and derives these energies from the flow of molecules themselves. This offers the opportunity for cost-effective applications in areas never previously thought possible.

For several years following Hughes’ death, FEC activities halted. However, FEC plans to resume R & D, prioritizing two areas for 2022:

  1. Air Purification - Applying FEC’s patented Hughes Reactor to create a vortex and increased air turbulence within the RxAir units to further enhance RxAir’s performance in inactivating viruses, bacteria and other pathogens, and
  2. Water Purification - Exploring how the Hughes Reactor technology can be used to improve water quality by destroying water-borne viruses, bacteria and other biologics, as well as hard water neutralization, (aka water softening).

Other potential applications of the Hughes Reactor for future R&D and commercialization include, but are not limited, to:

  • Metering
  • Enhance Combustion for Natural Gas, Petroleum and Biofuels
  • Reverse Osmosis/Desalination
  • Chemical Mixing
  • Water Atomization

FEC is seeking prospective partners interested in furthering applications in the above fields.

Water and air are two of the most essential requirements for life. Due to COVID, the public is now more aware than ever of the risks of airborne viruses and bacteria, and the critical need for air free of biologic pathogens for each of the 23,000 breaths each person inhales per day. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notes that indoor air quality has ramifications beyond just transmission of diseases: “Qualitative and quantitative evidence demonstrating the relationship between indoor air quality (IAQ) and human performance and productivity has become more robust. Studies demonstrate that improved IAQ increases productivity and improves the performance of mental tasks, such as concentration and recall in both adults and children.”1 The EPA also notes, “Asthma is the leading cause of absenteeism in schools, which hinders classroom achievement.2

Dr. Stone stated: “While we have new RxAir products in the design phase, we would like to harness this innovative FEC technology to advance air purification in new ways. Our research indicates FEC’s ultrasonic energy technology may have the potential to safely and more effectively purify air with fewer limitations than HEPA filters and UV-C light.”

Additionally, severe droughts in the Western United States have placed a spotlight on the importance of a ready supply of clean water and the need to find new ways to reduce use, recycle and purify this precious resource. FEC’s patented technologies have the potential to be game-changing in both areas. FEC’s Hughes Reactor technology operates at the molecular level to convert flow energy of water into ultrasound and cavitation energy, which are well known to enhance water treatment and purification.

“I am looking forward to focusing more resources on these areas in the future and sharing details of our progress as we apply this technology to meet the challenges of improving air and water purification,” stated Dr. Stone.

For information on FEC partnerships, contact info@Rxair.com or 508-791-9114.

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1 For a summary of the impact of indoor environmental quality on work and school performance, as well as other IAQ research findings, see the IAQ Scientific Findings Resource Bank (SFRB) established as a cooperative venture between EPA and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: Accessible at http://www.iaqscience.lbl.gov/performance-summary.html

2 Haverin-Shaughnessy U., M. Turunen, et al. 2012. “Sixth grade pupils’ health and performance and indoor environmental quality in Finnish school buildings.” British Journal of Education Research 2(1) 42-58.

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