Secure Technology Alliance Invites Businesses to Accept mDLs in Response to Apple Wallet Integration

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., Sept. 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Secure Technology Alliance, a cross-industry organization which supports the successful implementation of mobile driver’s licenses (mDL) and other secure technologies in the U.S., recognizes Apple’s entry into the mDL market as a significant endorsement of adoption efforts made by the Alliance, Alliance members, AAMVA, States and the broader identity and cybersecurity communities.

The Alliance has prioritized mDL education for several years, publishing a series of whitepapers and webinars on the subject. The Alliance believes Apple's integration of mDLs into the Wallet app will build market momentum and provide value to mDL holders. The move will likely facilitate a greater acceptance of mDLs among businesses and government agencies.

As the digital security industry’s premier association, the Secure Technology Alliance and its members represent a diverse range of software providers, relying parties and government agencies. Members work within the Alliance and through professional associations to support mDL awareness, education, coordination and adoption. Foundational to mDL efforts is the international standard, ISO/IEC 18013–5, “Personal Identification – ISO-Compliant Driving License – Part 5:  Mobile Driving License Application.”

State-issued ISO/IEC 18013–5 based mDLs are more secure and privacy enhancing than current state-issued card-based driver’s licenses and will serve as an option that accompanies card-based driver's licenses.  ISO/IEC 18013–5 provides mechanisms for obtaining and trusting identity document data from a mobile device. It establishes multiple standardized interaction modes when using an mDL for identity and driving privilege use cases. AAMVA, the North American principal lead and coordinator among state and provincial DMVs and their relying parties, has published the AAMVA Mobile Driver’s License Implementation Guidelines. AAMVA’s leadership and coordination, and adherence to the AAMVA guidelines, are critical to interoperability and trust across jurisdictions and relying parties.

The Secure Technology Alliance is hosting an mDL Workshop on Nov 11th in Houston, Texas, following the U.S. Payments Forum's Fall Member Meeting. The workshop will educate potential relying parties and accelerate mDL adoption through technical discussions, an exchange of piloting and early adoption information and mDL technology demonstrations. Accepting mDLs can enhance the customer service experience, streamline customer flows, and reduce the acceptance of false documents. Registration details can be found on the Alliance website. The Alliance will also host an ISO-led regional mDL test event for North America in conjunction with the Forum’s Member Meeting. The test event is fully booked and closed to the public.

“The Secure Technology Alliance is confident that through dedicated mDL educational resources and efforts to support implementation, mDLs will be accepted by relying parties across the U.S.,” said Jason Bohrer, executive director of the Secure Technology Alliance. “Apple's entry into the ISO/IEC 18013–5 standards-based mDL movement further validates the significance of the Alliance’s work alongside the broader identity and cybersecurity communities.”

The experience of Alliance members spans standards development; product development, testing and certification; app and service providers; integrators; relying parties and regulators across both public and private sectors. Their efforts include the development of mDLConnection, a community resource for mDL awareness, education and coordination activities.

The Alliance's sister organization, the U.S. Payments Forum, represents the payments community, including Apple, national merchants and retailers. Together, the two organizations exemplify excellence in technology, security, privacy enhancement and improvements to the user experience.

“Everyone involved in the mDL effort believes trusted identity credentials can fundamentally improve citizen privacy, as well as the quality of life and service to communities and individuals,” said Tom Lockwood, chair of the Alliance’s Identity Industry Council and its mDL program.

The Alliance highlights the importance of mDLs within North America’s cybersecurity and identity infrastructure in the wake of the Real ID Modernization Act of December 2020. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has initiated rule-making that enables federal agencies to accept state-issued mDLs for official purposes as defined in the Real ID Act. This includes multiple federal use cases such as access to federal facilities and federally regulated air travel, including TSA Checkpoints.

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