American Power Group Announces New V6000 Low-Carbon Dual Fuel Solution For Existing Class 8 Trucks V6000 Vehicles Using Diary RNG Can Avoid An Estimated 500 Metric Tons of CO2 Per Year And Produce A Negative Carbon Intensity Score


Algona, IA, Sept. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- American Power Group Corporation (OTC Pink: APGI) announced today the commercial launch of their next generation V6000 low-carbon vehicular dual fuel solution which when using low-carbon and negative-carbon renewable natural gas (“RNG”) sources can enable the Class 8 trucking industry to convert existing Class 8 diesel trucks to “green” low-carbon or negative-carbon rated fleets.

APG utilized EcoEngineers, a well-respected Des Moines, Iowa based renewable energy consulting firm specializing in clean energy regulations to conduct an independent third-party review and validation of APG’s calculated carbon intensity (“CI”) score utilizing APG’s V6000 dual fuel solution and multiple renewable natural gas sources. EcoEngineers’ areas of practice include major carbon markets such as the EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard (“RFS”), California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (“LCFS”) and Cap-and-Trade (“MMR”), and Oregon’s Clean Fuel Program (“CFP”). EcoEngineers validated APG’s positions that by utilizing its V6000 dual fuel solution and displacing 50-60% of diesel consumption with RNG from dairy manure, the estimated CI score of the fuel would be between -104 to -145 gC02e/MJ and avoid between 500 to 610 metric tons of CO2 per year per vehicle.

Lyle Jensen, APG’s Business Development Advisor stated, “There are approximately 2 million late-model Class 8 diesel trucks operating in the U.S. Assuming an estimated CO2 reduction of 500 metric tons per truck per year utilizing APG’s V6000 dual fuel solution and dairy RNG, the potential positive impact on the environment would be in the range of 1 billion metric tons of CO2 reduction per year. This is an addressable carbon reduction opportunity that needs to be supported at all federal and state GHG program levels.”

Chuck Coppa, APG’s CEO/CFO stated, “We strongly believe that our new V6000 dual fuel solution utilizing RNG has the potential to be a game-changer from both a carbon and diesel emission reduction perspective, helping companies meet their Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (“ESG”) objectives today. In addition, we estimate that for the same cost of one new Class 8 dedicated natural gas truck, we can convert approximately twenty-five existing Class 8 diesel trucks. In short, for the same dollars spent, using our V6000 dual fuel solution and a leased natural gas tank a fleet operator can realize an estimated 14X reduction in diesel use and an estimated 14X increase in the consumption of RNG on an annual basis. This is significant.”

Matt Van Steenwyk, APG’s Chairman noted, “This is a huge opportunity to drive the scale up of U.S. and worldwide RNG production from animal waste and other organics by utilizing APG’s cost effective V6000 dual fuel solution. With our technology, we can rapidly and economically create a larger market for agriculture digesters which capture the methane that is emitted from farm animal and dairy operations. We hope that our Senators and Congressional Representatives working on the contemplated infrastructure bill will support the development of the digester and RNG conditioner infrastructure to accelerate the availability and demand for this “drop-in” fuel, transporting it via the existing massive natural gas pipeline system we enjoy in the U.S. and using it for clean, even carbon negative long-haul transportation. We can achieve these aggressive goals inexpensively with APG’s proven dual fuel technology which is available now. With vision and support, we can actually start to reverse the transportation carbon footprint.”

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