Venn Celebrates National Neighbor Day by Giving Out Free Coffee and Encouraging Neighbors to Pay It Forward

Brooklyn, New York, UNITED STATES

NEW YORK, Sept. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Venn, the only platform and experience company focused entirely on neighborhoods, is celebrating #NationalNeighborDay, a civic awareness day intended to celebrate the importance of being a good neighbor and taking part in one’s community. Today, September 28, 2021, Venn is giving out free coffee to anyone who stops into its General Irving coffee shop and market in Bushwick, NY, and Monarch Coffee in Kansas City, MO. Venn is encouraging recipients to pay it forward by donating the cost of a cup of coffee to select organizations in each market; the company will then match all neighbor donations.

“As ‘The Neighborhood Company,’ our mission has always been to build a sense of belonging in our communities--to bring back that feeling of walking into your local coffee shop and knowing that your barista already knows your name and order. So, on National Neighbor Day, we’re hoping to bring people together to make meaningful connections and support local businesses--one cup of coffee at a time,” said Chen Avni, Co-Founder and CPO of Venn. “We are thrilled to be able to show our appreciation for our neighbors in this way, and we hope that together we can bolster organizations that are doing great work in our communities.”

After receiving their free coffee, neighbors in Bushwick will have the option to donate the cost of a cup of coffee to Bushwick Emergency Relief Fund, a local mutual aid organization supporting community members. In Kansas City, neighbors can donate to Operation Breakthrough, a local nonprofit supporting low-income children and families in the Midtown neighborhood. Venn will match all neighbor donations for each organization. As Venn continues to expand in the US, the company hopes to grow its #NationalNeighborDay celebration to more markets in 2022.

Venn experienced 1,200% growth over the past year, which resulted in the close of a $60 million Series B funding round in June of 2021. The company continues to build momentum, expanding partnerships in new and existing markets, and creating new opportunities for neighborhood participation with local businesses and services. To learn more about Venn and how it is helping its partners to be better neighbors, please visit

About Venn

Venn is the world’s only platform and experience company focused entirely on neighborhoods. Merging best-in-class digital products, trained community experts, inviting physical spaces, and custom events, Venn promotes real-world connections between neighbors and neighborhoods. Our goal is to create Belonging for Neighbors and stronger business for our Partners.

Founded in 2017, Venn operates in neighborhoods from Brooklyn to Tel Aviv and Kansas City, with thousands of units under management for dozens of partners. The company has raised $100M in venture capital from top-tier investors and is expanding aggressively around the world.

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