Industry Leading Knuckleboom Manufacturer Invests in Training

All of BIK Boom Trucks technicians and management are now NCCER Certified Mobile Crane operators. It was decided that training their upper management and technicians was vital to the growth of their business and the individual growth of the staff. BIK chose to work with NJ Crane Expert, an NCCER accredited assessment site, that travels all over the country teaching public and private NCCER Mobile Crane Classes and operator development programs.

FLEMINGTON, N.J., Sept. 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NJ Crane Expert trainers are teaching knuckleboom manufacturers exactly how to safely operate the equipment they build.

People may presume that manufacturers already know how to safely operate the products they produce; interestingly enough, that's not always the case in this industry. In a unique opportunity for the industry, NJ Crane Expert has partnered with BIK Boom Trucks, a family-owned and operated company since 1990 that is a one-stop boom truck dealership for sales, parts and service. Unlike many other companies in the field, BIK Boom Trucks has taken the crucial step to invest in its technicians and business development team by trusting the expertise of NJ Crane Expert, as an outside company, to do the training.

"We decided that training our upper management and technicians was vital to the growth of our business and the individual growth of our staff. NJ Crane Expert helped equip our team with the tools necessary to become NCCER Mobile Crane Certified," said Elemer Ivan, President of BIK Boom Trucks. "Knowing the minute details and each nuance ensures that we are providing the absolute best product to our clients because we understand how our customers should be properly using the equipment."

This certification is pretty important for a variety of reasons. It's vital for both "cool" and "safety" factors. To keep personnel safe and avoid fines related to any regulations, it's imperative to work with a reputable trainer who can help you master the information and training needed in order to obtain your certification.

"It's important for the manufacturers of these trucks to understand how they work," said Hans Tielmann, Lead Instructor of NJ Crane Expert. "They need to understand the real-life scenarios and safety procedures in order to build them and sell them.

"It is imperative for manufacturers, technicians, and upper management to understand how their customers are going to be using the trucks so that they can ensure the customer purchases the correct one," said Tielmann. "Being certified should be a no brainer, but not all manufactures require this. This certification allows the people building the trucks to be permitted to operate them."

"We're looking forward to the opportunity to learn more from NJ Crane Expert and have our team truly understand how our customers need to be able to operate these trucks. Knowing how to build it is important, and we feel we do it quite well. Knowing how to operate them as our clients do is next level," said Ivan.

Our mission at NJ Crane Expert is to empower our students with the knowledge and skills needed to perform in a fast-paced and high-risk work environment. With over 50+ years of collective experience, our trainers knows the dangers of job sites for arborists. That is why our training puts a focus on safety as the top priority.  For any press injuries, please contact Jordan Tielmann at

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