CUVIRANG, Hygienic and Eco-Friendly Toothbrush Solution

Complete Toothbrush Sterilization Device with Three Features, Drying, Sterilization, and Water Cup that helps save water

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cuvirang, created by the company PrimeTech, will soon launch a campaign through Kickstarter. Cuvirang is a device designed to keep the tooth brush sanitized and clean. The main purpose of the device is to keep the teeth healthy and mouth germ-free.

Maintaining dental hygiene has been a huge concern and a problem for centuries. The problem applies to everyone, yet remains unsolved. The solution is to keep the toothbrush sanitary. However, if people just rinse the brush and leave it to dry in a damp condition, it collects germs and leaves the brush unsanitary. Cuvirang solves those problems by including the heating and drying process during the sterilization. Cuvirang also provides a personal water cup for use and is designed to be portable and convenient.

Cuvirang has a two-step sterilizing process to completely sanitize the tooth brush. Once the user puts the tooth brush in Cuvirang, it begins the two-step process. The first process is heating and drying. The UV-Ray used during the sterilization process cannot pass through water. So, if there is any moisture left in the tooth brush after use, the sterilization will be imperfect thus leaving many germs and bacteria left in the tooth brush. But during Cuvirang's sterilization process, it removes all germs and bacteria with UV-Ray cleansing and a complete heating and drying process.

Cuvirang also provides a personal water cup to rinse the mouth after brushing the teeth. People can use the personal water cup in Cuvirang to save water and be part of the community to reduce water waste and water shortage in many countries. Also, with the personal water cup, people would not have to worry about sharing the cup with anybody and risk possible health issues.

The design of the product is made to be very portable and easy to carry around. It is divided into top and bottom parts. The top part sterilizes and dries the tooth brush and bottom part can be used as the water cup or a portable cover for the tooth brush, when placed over the top part. Cuvirang is convenient to carry around anywhere people desire.

Story of Cuvirang

PrimeTech has launched the first product V-Ray through Wadiz on December 2017 and have been selling V-Ray through various channels and countries. Ever since the start of project on V-Ray, the interest in hygienic products related to sterilization and sanitation has been growing and soon developed a dream to invent a product that can help everyone keep the hygienic rules in their daily lives. As the first step, the core members of V-Ray development team have joined hands again. Instead of previous sterilization devices that can only carry the toothbrush, Cuvirang provides a built-in gargle cup in addition. Cuving is a module type toothbrush sterilizer created by PrimeTech.

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