Kasamba’s Psychics Reveal How They Discovered Their Gifts

NEW YORK, Sept. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The world of psychics is a world of mystery and mysticism. As we’re inquisitive by nature and are curious to understand how the extraordinary works, Kasamba’s psychics are taking us on a journey straight back to the source of how it all began.

The Hollywood portrayal of psychics as eccentric, turban-wearing women gazing into a crystal ball surrounded by candles, or fraudsters at carnivals trying to trick people out of their money, can make this world seem strange and dishonest. However, the reality is that spiritual gifts are real, though extraordinary, and psychics are not a different breed of human. While many people are skeptical of these spiritual gifts, there are many who believe psychic abilities to be real. Learning how people have developed their gifts can help us all better understand this world.

So, how do people suddenly realize they have psychic abilities? Kasamba experts share that it is not as dramatic as one would think. There are no flashing neon signs or sudden visions. According to psychic Lynda, “Psychic ability is the most natural thing in the world and something we are all born with. We are all born with intuition - that gut feeling which helps us sense danger or make decisions. It is something that is very much a part of us and our survival. Psychic abilities are just about developing our intuitive senses.”

Discovery Through Dreams

Numerous psychics claim to have discovered their spiritual gifts through dreams when they were very young. Psychic Maura, for example, started having dreams when she was around the age of 12 which revealed that she was going to lose someone very close to her. That person turned out to be her father. “Like many people, when I was younger, I felt different to others around me. It was almost as if I was on the outside looking in. And it all started to really change when I hit my teens. I had dreams that I was going to lose someone very dear to me and that I needed to prepare myself. It was very strange and quite unsettling when I realized that these dreams were about my father. I couldn’t speak to anyone about it and I felt alone in my concern and sadness. A few years later he passed away, and that was when I started on my journey to understanding more about my spiritual gifts. I needed to understand why I had these dreams and why it was all about preparation and finding acceptance. It was through my search that I really started to understand more about my own spiritual awareness and really develop my gift.”

As Natural As Breathing

Some people naturally have certain gifts. Most gifted psychics will say that their abilities come as naturally to them as breathing. “I’m naturally psychic, I’ve been psychic my whole life. I only realized this was a gift when I was around 14, but I’ve always felt spirits around me. I thought everyone had this gift of second sight,” says psychic reader, Melissa. She goes on to discuss that her spiritual gift is something that actually runs in her family which is how she came to discover that her gift could help others. “My friend fell and hurt her ankle while we were riding our bikes. I placed my hands over her ankle - but not touching her, they were a good few inches away from her - anyway, she yelled out in pain and told me to stop touching her ankle. I was quite frightened by it. I couldn’t understand how I could touch someone without actually touching them.”

After mentioning her experience to her mother, she was told to call her grandmother who knew about these gifts and could explain it better to her. “She was so excited that I had the family gift. She reassured me that there was nothing wrong with me. From then on, I started reading different family members. I would scan their body with my hands and tell them what I was feeling, and they would share with me what they were feeling. I truly believe that my family’s belief and trust in me helped me develop my gift and allow me to be the psychic healer I am today.”

Trusting Psychic Abilities

Many people become afraid of their psychic abilities and learn to distrust them. They may wonder, “are psychic abilities real?” Or “what is wrong with me?”, and perhaps stop noticing these gifts all together.

We’re all born with intuition, which many lose touch with as they get older. Sometimes another psychic can help someone really develop their gifts, as is the case with Melissa’s story. Through her mom’s understanding, she was able to receive guidance from her grandmother who helped her accept her gift and really hone her ability.

Developing spiritual gifts is a lifelong journey. Most gifted psychics say their abilities are always improving and developing. Master palmist Michael states, “The learning never ends. When I first started reading palms, I felt like my gifts were developing every day. I have now been reading palms for about 12 years, but in the beginning of my journey I almost quit about a hundred times. It was so clear I had this unique gift and everyone around me told me I should be reading palms professionally, but I lacked confidence. I believed that my skill was not good enough or that I would be judged for being strange. I think it is really important for those born with these gifts to really develop them so that they can trust them.”

Knowing and understanding how psychics discovered their gifts, can help us better understand this world and trust it. The extraordinary exists and you will find many different types of authentic and real psychics on Kasamba. Some are clairvoyant, tarot readers, medium, and palm readers, but they all seem to be genuine and just getting on with their own lives while helping others to reach their full potential.

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