Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids Patent Database 2001-2020


Dublin, Oct. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids Patent Database" database has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com's offering.

This database contains 13219 inventions in the form of patents and patent applications that were registered in patent offices around the world predominantly since 2001 and were found in the result of a deliberate search on the date of compilation of this database (April, 2021).

Technical solutions, disclosed in the patent documents that are included in the proposed database, to a considerable degree reflect the state of the art in development and utilization of hydraulic fracturing fluids. The database also includes several documents published before 2001 and in 2021.

Each patent document in this database contains a list of conventional bibliographical indicators, including original title, English version of title, family size, application date, publication date, patenting office, names of inventors and applicants, document kind (patent or application), number of claims, number of citing, IPC indices, and core document number.

Also, all documents are provided with additional markers - unified indicators that include: technology categories (indicate the applicability of technical solutions to one of the energy industry sectors, as stated by the authors of the inventions); technology elements (indicators with a specific level of detailing for the production process in a particular energy industry sector); problems (technical, economical, ecological and other problems declared by the authors in a patent document); type of technical solution (device, method, composition).

The database contains a number of derived indicators, including applicant statuses, residence of applicants, Unified Indicator Group. Indicators such as patent pending period, prominent patents, applicant's share in the aggregate intellectual property register can be calculated based on the available data.

For the majority of patents and applications rating points are calculated based on the aggregate of bibliographical and unified indicators and the resulting values are shown in the database.

The aforementioned indicators make it possible to: perform a refined search of patent documents located in the database; form group combinations of documents based on specific criteria; quickly visualize collected data by simple operations supported by professional tables.

This is also promoted by additionally provided search options - by keywords in patent document titles (Keyword) or by using a full list of IPC indicators assigned to patent family documents (Family IPC pool). To ensure convenience of operations with the database it is also provided with such additional features as Glossary, Overview, Filter Manual, and Explanatory Remarks.

The database also includes a brief statistical analysis of major parameters of patent documents published between 2001 and 2020, represented in the form of diagrams and tables, or lists of patents and applications composed based on selected parameters.

The statistical results provided are acquired exclusively using the database under consideration and illustrate its capabilities. In particular, the statistical analysis includes a breakdown of documents by publication dates, by patent families, by patent offices, by residents and non-residents, and by applicant countries.

Statistical analysis includes:

  • Inventions: 12972
  • Offices: 50
  • Countries: 40
  • Applicants: 1692
  • Individual IPC subgroups: 2007
  • Total IPC subgroups assigned: 45059

The list of top 10 most productive applicants by the number of patents includes:

  • Halliburton Energy Services, Inc. (US)
  • Baker Hughes Incorporated (US)
  • Schlumberger Group (Schlumberger Technology Corporation (US), Schlumberger Technology B.V. (NL), Schlumberger Canada Limited (CA))
  • PetroChina Company Limited (CN)
  • Saudi Arabian Oil Company (SA)
  • Sinopec China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (CN)
  • Rhodia Operations S.A.S. (FR)
  • B.J. Services Company (US)
  • Clearwater International LLC (US)
  • M-I LLC (US)

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