HD Compliance Signs Agreement with Southwest Capital Bank to Provide Cannabis Banking Monitoring and Risk Management Solutions

WINDSOR, CO, Oct. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWireHigher Risk Deposit Compliance Solutions (“HD Compliance OR HDCS”), a banker-led and managed provider of comprehensive banking solutions for higher-risk industries, announced today that it has signed an agreement with its newest customer, Southwest Capital Bank, to provide guidance and consultancy services to elevate Southwest Capital Bank’s current cannabis banking program. 

"We are excited to be partnering with Southwest Capital Bank," said Andy Montgomery, CEO and Founder of HD Compliance. "They had the vision to be a pioneer in the industry by providing banking services for medical cannabis-related businesses in New Mexico. We are honored to help Southwest Capital continue to build its program -- automating it to become more efficient and helping them expand their financial services to an industry that will experience robust growth as adult-use cannabis is added in the state." 

Due to the current Schedule 1 status of cannabis, cannabis banking presents a very high risk for financial institutions as working with legal cannabis companies either raises severe compliance regulations or makes them vulnerable to federal punishment. State-regulated cannabis markets present additional challenges as laws vary between different municipalities.

“With the recent legalization of adult-use cannabis in New Mexico, we are faced with a considerable opportunity to grow our business,” said Lonnie Talbert, President at Southwest Capital Bank. "With the addition of the subject matter expertise of HDCS in cannabis banking and the technology of NatureTrak, we are very confident we can scale this line of business, add additional financial service offerings and maintain the robust compliance standards that are required to safely bank the cannabis industry.”

HDCS will advise on best practices and procedures, train staff, educate banking staff on local and regional rules and regulations, assist in screening  cannabis-related businesses,  provide ongoing monitoring and risk management and be actively working on bringing other financial services offerings to the industry through the bank. HDCS will  be working in tandem with NatureTrak and its state-of-the-art compliance and risk management technology to ensure that Southwest Capital Bank has a comprehensive cannabis banking solution. 

“We are pleased to partner with HDCS in providing Southwest Capital Bank with the comprehensive tools and guidance needed to confidently run their cannabis banking program,” says Jontae James, CEO and Founder of NatureTrak. “Our compliance and risk management technology, paired with the services offered by HDCS, is a complete solution for Southwest Capital Bank as it continues to serve the people and businesses in its local communities.”

About Higher Risk Deposit Compliance Solutions 

​​Higher Risk Deposit Compliance Solutions, also known as HD Compliance or HDCS, is a banker-led and managed compliance provider that offers comprehensive solutions that balance risk and return to assist financial institutions in safely banking higher-risk industries such as cannabis, cryptocurrency and more. For more information, please visit https://www.hdcompliance.com/

About NatureTrak

NatureTrak is the leading compliance and risk management solution for financial institutions serving the cannabis industry. 

Fully integrated, easy-to-use technology mitigates risk, provides real-time transparency, and streamlines efficiencies. Federal and state-examiner approved, NatureTrak’s comprehensive enterprise solution allows financial institutions to bank cannabis safely and profitably with features like pre-deposit validation, automated audit support, and license and entity verification. 

NatureTrak is revolutionizing and legitimizing the emerging cannabis industry. It has successfully validated and verified over $2 billion in cannabis-related transactions, including nearly $650 million in cash deposits and more than $225 in tax payments. For more information, visit www.naturetrak.com

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