Arca’s First Early Stage Venture Fund, Endeavor, Closes its Oversubscribed Round over $30M

The Arca Endeavor Fund counts early participation from Galaxy Vision Hill

Los Angeles, CA, Oct. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Arca, an asset management firm focused on investing and innovating in digital assets, today announced the launch of its first venture focused fund, the Arca Endeavor Fund (the Fund), an early-stage, closed-end venture fund focused on investing in innovative founders across various segments of the digital asset ecosystem. The Fund, which was oversubscribed above its $30M cap, marks the latest addition to Arca’s suite of management products and highlights earlier-stage investment opportunities previously seen and invested in by Arca’s flagship Digital Assets Fund. In early August, Arca launched its Digital Yield Fund, the first actively managed income fund in the digital asset space.


The Arca Endeavor Fund will leverage themes targeted by Arca’s Digital Assets Fund, including DeFi, Gaming, Web 3.0, Sports, Music and Fan Engagement, NFT Infrastructure, and Financial Services and Insurance. The Fund has already made several initial investments. 


David Nage, an original member of the Arca team, will serve as Portfolio Manager. A financial services veteran with a concentration in the family office sector, Nage has spent the past decade focused on direct investments in emerging technology. His acclaimed digital assets podcast, Base Layer, has been supporting early stage companies and connecting companies within the space. He is joined by Michael Dershewitz, Arca Funds COO and Principal who brings 25 years of banking and principal investing experience, and most recently worked in corporate development at Amazon. Arca’s CIO and Digital Assets Fund PM Jeff Dorman will chair Endeavor’s Investment Committee.


“Digital assets have fundamentally changed the dynamic between founders and investors, and The Arca Endeavor Fund bridges the gap between the two,” said Nage. “The Endeavor Fund signifies the shift in new social and economic paradigms occuring, creating new ways to serve the unbanked, and alter the models of the past few decades of tech exuberance. As such, our team’s extensive experience in traditional finance can help founders elevate both their vision and project reach, and ultimately amplify their growth.”   


Arca proudly counts a commitment from Galaxy Vision Hill, out of its GVH Venture, FOF, under its initial capital raised for the Fund. “Galaxy Vision Hill is committed to bringing sophisticated investors into the digital assets space by investing in products that meet the standards for institutional investors. As investors in the flagship Digital Assets Fund, Galaxy Vision Hill continues to be attracted to the vision, strategy and experience of the talented investment team at Arca,” said Scott Army, Managing Director and CIO at Galaxy Vision Hill. “The founders of today and tomorrow need the network, distribution engine and rigorous analysis that Arca can provide. As a strategic investor, we are excited to help propel this growth in digital assets and pioneer new inroads for institutions to every investable corner of the crypto economy.”


In August 2018, Arca launched its flagship hedge fund strategy, the Digital Assets Fund, focused on capturing alpha in small- and mid-cap digital assets where there is little competition. Endeavor is a natural complement to the Digital Assets Fund, and invests where the latter cannot. Utilizing Seed, Series A and Preseed Tokens, the Endeavor Fund is expected to be able to profit at a much larger scale and participate at an even earlier investment stage, while making room for other strategic advisors, a mutually beneficial proposition for founders. 


“We believe the symbiotic relationship between Endeavor and the Digital Assets Fund is great for the market, allowing multiple entry points for sophisticated investors and opening up incredible possibilities for founders,” said Jeff Dorman, Arca CIO. “Our newest Fund is doing more than simply writing a check. Endeavor is a hands-on commitment, poised to help projects grow through Arca’s extensive network of 400+ LPs, and amplified through a comprehensive system of marketing, market commentary, and so much more to bring the greatest possible exposure to potential clients, customers, and joint ventures.” 


To invest in the Endeavor Fund, or any of Arca’s product suite, visit our website.


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