Utility Asset Management Solution Provider Aplines Announces Update of SaaS Platform with Advanced Optimization Feature

Electric utilities can automatically identify optimal capital and maintenance projects with the new version of Aptimize

PARIS, Oct. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Aplines SAS, the developer of electric utility asset management platform Aptimize, announced today a major product upgrade with the release of an advanced optimization feature. The new version of Aptimize allows utilities to automatically identify optimal maintenance and capital projects considering the failure risks of millions of grid assets. This functionality allows utilities to rationalize asset management decisions and help justify spending plans with energy regulators.

Utilities traditionally rank and select projects at a macro level, assigning preventive action budgets based on simplified analysis, such as asset age, recent experience and intuition. The optimization feature of Aptimize allows utilities to fix some constraints such as a budget. The solution leverages the power of the cloud to evaluate failure risks of every single asset to ultimately generate a list of projects that provide the optimal trade-off between risk and TOTEX.

Aptimize assesses the risk associated with the poor condition of electrical assets and the risk of vegetation on overhead lines. By integrating and analyzing vegetation data, Aptimize enables the data-driven prioritization to risk across vegetation management operations, helping utilities achieve operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Aplines is currently implementing the new version of the Aptimize platform with the optimization feature with electric utilities in North America. The new version:

  • Allows automated selection of the maintenance and capital programs that return the best benefits
  • The cloud-based platform considers the condition and criticality of millions of assets managed by a utility as well as the threat of vegetation on overhead lines
  • Allows the convergence of top-down and bottom-up asset management plans
  • Provides expected savings of 5%-15% incremental TOTEX without compromising the quality of service.

“The utilities sector is currently undergoing a global transformation on a scale never seen before, said Baptiste Jouffroy, Aplines vice president of global sales. “Factors such as the integration of renewables, the impact of climate change, growing regulatory pressure and the need for affordable, clean and uninterrupted power supplies demand next generation asset management solutions which are robust, insightful and practical.”

About Aplines SAS
Aplines was founded in 2020 through an incubator project by Schneider Electric in response to growing demands from system operators for innovative asset management solutions. After listening to and discussing needs of modern infrastructure with numerous utilities worldwide, Aplines has created new standards in delivering customizable asset management solutions across the world. As a venture of Schneider Electric, Aplines benefits from the depth of technical expertise in electrical networks of its parent company and leverages its global footprint for unparalleled reach to customers while maintaining agility of a lean startup for quickly adapting to customer needs.

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