Veeder-Root Announces New Connectivity and Integration Options for the Fueling Industry

New solutions for Intelligent Pump Control with Red Jacket Diagnostics and Centralized Device Management provide customers advanced options for increasing uptime and decreasing maintenance costs

CHICAGO, Oct. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Veeder-Root, a worldwide leader in fuel management technology, announced today the availability of their newest TLS-450PLUS Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) features designed to provide key data and management of devices across the Veeder-Root ecosystem. 

Intelligent Pump Control (IPC) with Red Jacket Diagnostics brings new options for understanding what is occurring with Submersible Turbine Pumps (STPs) at fueling sites. A TLS-450PLUS software feature, IPC enables communication between Veeder-Root ATGs and STPs, including 3rd party STPs. It provides a visual tool for STP performance statistics to assist with preventative maintenance and streamlined troubleshooting, helping to identify issues before they cause significant problems. IPC allows maintenance service contractors to understand a problem they may be facing on site and ensure they are bringing the proper spare parts and tools to correct the issue on the first visit. 

“With Intelligent Pump Control, site owners finally have visibility to their network of STPs,” said Lindsay Neubecker, Director of Marketing for Global Red Jacket, Vapor and Mechanical products at Veeder-Root. “Knowing that your STPs are operating optimally, seeing if there is an alarm condition, and being able to dispatch a technician with knowledge of the problem and the right parts to correct it will help site owners significantly lower maintenance costs.”  

Intelligent Pump Control with Red Jacket Diagnostics is available now and can be ordered via Veeder-Root authorized sales representatives.  

New features have been added to the Centralized Device Management (CDM) server-based software package for managing an entire network of ATGs without costly truck rolls. Configuration change notifications and tracking have been added to the existing CDM offering that allows for automated remote software upgrades, scheduled backups, and console snapshots. Fuel site operators can now access key device history and receive alerts when changes are made to their ATGs. They can identify who made a console change and when, receive notifications about changes and events, and query historical events by date range, console, event category, and messages. Site owners have more control over their network of gauges and peace of mind knowing that their consoles have not been changed off their specification. 

Both Intelligent Pump Control and Centralized Device Management will be on display at the Gilbarco Veeder-Root/Veeder-Root booth # 4100 at the NACS Show 2021 in Chicago, IL. 

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About Veeder-Root: 

Veeder-Root is a leading global supplier of fuel management solutions with a tradition of excellence in the petroleum industry. Our portfolio of market leading products includes: Veeder-Root Automatic Tank Gauges, probes and sensors, Red Jacket® submersible pumps and pressurized line leak detectors, EMR meter registers, and stage II vapor recovery solutions. Our products improve profitability and abate risk for customers by delivering solutions to manage onsite operations, compliance reporting, fuel procurement, inventory reconciliation, and accounting processes. Veeder-Root products and services are installed in over 500,000 tanks globally and responsible for 22 billion gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel annually. 


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