Micron® 7400 SSD With NVMe™ Delivers PCIe Gen4 Performance for Data Centers

World’s broadest family of NVMe data center SSDs features next-generation form factors and enhanced data security

BOISE, Idaho, Oct. 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Micron Technology, Inc., (Nasdaq: MU) today announced availability of the Micron® 7400 SSD with NVMe™, delivering industry-leading form factor flexibility, PCIe Gen4 performance, and leading-edge security to meet the storage needs of demanding data center workloads. With this portfolio, Micron is providing the broadest selection of mainstream data center SSDs available.1 Featuring seven form factors, the Micron 7400 SSD enables the transition to next-generation server architectures.

Data centers continue to evolve thanks to the rapid growth of data and proliferation of applications that demand high performance. The need to process, analyze and secure data that provides valuable insights is fueling the modernization of the data center, requiring new levels of storage innovation.

“Our customers need improved storage density and efficiency to run their businesses,” said Jeremy Werner, corporate vice president and general manager of the Storage Business Unit at Micron. “The Micron 7400 SSD is flexible in its ability to address myriad applications and system interoperability requirements, enabling deployments and delivering value from edge to cloud.”

Broad SSD Portfolio for the Data Center
The expanded performance and widespread adoption of SSDs in data centers are driving a requirement for new, optimized form factors to meet data-centric workload needs. These form factors deliver fast, reliable and affordable data center storage across a range of use cases. The Micron 7400 SSD includes the only PCIe Gen4 M.2 22x80mm with power loss protection, as well as 2.5” U.3 data center SSDs in both 15mm and 7mm thicknesses.2 It also features three different sizes of the new E1.S Enterprise and Data Center SSD Form Factor (EDSFF), enabling greater density, flash-optimized performance, and improved power and cooling options.3 This breadth of options means customers can move from traditional servers to dense EDSFF server designs with one SSD. Offering a wide capacity range from 400GB to 7.68TB, the portfolio supports low to high-capacity applications.4 It also has endurance options for one and three drive writes per day to support read and write intensive applications.5 The SSD leverages the full vertical integration capabilities of Micron to bring industry-leading innovation, from controller to firmware and leading-edge NAND and DRAM technology, to world-class front-end and back-end manufacturing.

PCIe Gen4 Performance That Scales
The Micron 7400 SSD more than doubles IOPs per watt and throughput compared to the previous generation.6 Backwards compatibility with PCIe Gen3 systems helps ease customer transition from Gen3 to Gen4 platforms. The drive offers support for 128 namespaces to increase scalability for virtualized environments like hyperconverged infrastructure and software-defined storage.7 It also supports Open Compute Project (OCP) deployments for qualified environments.8 OCP developed and published specifications that have built a thriving ecosystem, creating a standardized approach that helps reduce integration complexity and speeds time to market.

Security with Hardware-Driven Performance
Leveraging years of in-house security expertise, the Micron 7400 SSD offers proven, standards-based features like TCG-Opal 2.01 and IEEE-1667, and new features for data protection in-flight and at-rest. These enhancements help address emerging needs as organizations increasingly seek out better solutions to secure data in both on-premises and cloud environments. Micron developed the Secure Execution Environment (SEE) to isolate and process security transactions to extend protection against a constantly evolving set of threat models. SEE significantly improves the security of data at rest through its use of dedicated memory, secure code and a security microprocessor.

“The Micron 7400 SSD offers wide appeal for deployments from edge to cloud,” said Patrick Moorhead, chief analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy. “Varied applications and workloads with unique requirements can benefit from the high performance and efficiency of new form factors as well as security features designed to protect against network and physical attacks.”

Learn more about the features of the Micron 7400 SSD and how it is addressing the opportunity for data center transformation.

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1 Statement based on comparisons of widely available PCIe Data Center SSDs, capacity points, endurance values and form factors at the time of publication.
2 Statement based on comparison of publicly available competitive data sheets.
3 Statement based on comparison of publicly available competitive data sheets.
4 Unformatted. 1GB = 1 billion bytes. Formatted capacity is less.
5 Comparison based on rated TBW and SSD advertised capacity.
6 Comparison based on 7.68TB 7300 PRO U.2 and 7.68TB 7400 PRO U.3. IOPs / Watt is for 4K random read. Other form factors and capacities may show different results.
7 Identify Controller Data Structure.
8 The Micron 7400 SSD complies with most, but not all, requirements of the Open Compute Project NVMe Cloud SSD Specification 1.0a.

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