Festi: Buy-back programme week 40

Kopavogi, ICELAND

In week 40, Festi purchased in total 996,173 own shares for total amount of 212,188,676 ISK as follows:

WeekDateTimePurchased sharesPricePurchase price
   996.173 212.188.676

This announcement of purchase of own shares is in accordance with the buy-back programme announced 20 September 2021 to Nasdaq OMX Iceland. The programme envisages the buy-back of a total of 3,500,000 own shares or 1.08% of the issued shares, with the cap of 750 million ISK purchase price.

Before the purchase Festi held 2,500,000 own shares or 0.77% of issued shares. Festi has now bought in total 3,056,311 own shares for 638,387,679 ISK and holds today 5,556,311 own shares or 1,72% of issued shares.

The execution the buy-back programme is in accordance with Chapter VIII of the Company Act No 2/1995 and annex II to the Regulation on insider information and market abuse No 630/2005.

For further information contact Magnús Kr. Ingason, CFO of Festi hf. (mki@festi.is).