Washington Examiner Launches “Restoring America” Campaign to Invigorate American Patriotism

Tom Cotton, Mike Pompeo, Ben Carson, Elise Stefanik, Dan Crenshaw Share Views on Renewing American Optimism

Washington, DC, Oct. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Washington Examiner debuts Restoring America, a major new initiative promoting patriotic American virtues and values to bring people together for a better future. 

In addition to well-respected Washington Examiner voices--such as Hugo Gurdon, Michael Barone, Tim Carney, Conn Carroll, Byron York, and Salena Zito--Restoring America launches with essays from Senator Tom Cotton, Representatives Dan Crenshaw and Elise Stefanik, former Cabinet Secretaries Mike Pompeo and Ben Carson, Hillsdale College’s Matt Spalding, and civil rights activist Robert Woodson.

Highlights from the launch include:

Gurdon on Restoring America’s mission:  “For a society to evolve and yet be stable and tolerant, it must always be engaged in a negotiation between past and future, respecting the wisdom of the former while not snuffing out the hopes of the latter….A campaign that respects what our founders bequeathed seeks what is necessary for America to thrive for generations to come.”

Pompeo on patriotism: “What we need is not necessarily political or ideological unity…. What we need is to be unified in respect for each other’s freedoms, to show respect for our fellow Americans, and to trust in our fellow Americans to govern themselves as they see fit.”

Zito on faith, family and football: “Cultural curators have replaced faith with climate activism, family with social media, and community football games with NFL teams who spend way too much time dividing us with two different national anthems and social justice messages scolding.”

Crenshaw on fortitude: “Personal responsibility is more than just a conservative value, it is a foundation for a free society. If you are not responsible for yourself or your actions, then by definition you believe someone else must be responsible for you. And you will demand of your politicians that other, more productive individuals are forced to take on that additional responsibility so that you may take on less and less. Some might even label this “social justice.”

Woodson on racial equality: “Instead of the old-fashioned racism I grew up with, this new bigotry demands we capitulate our self-confidence and surrender our personal agency in order to qualify for their ‘help.’”

Spalding on renewing patriotism: “We must rekindle our enlightened love of liberty, and of the country that is responsible for upholding the great principles of republican self-government…. A rediscovery of this shared identity, rooted in the knowledge of our founding principles, is the source of the patriotism and unity by which we will restore our country.”

Restoring America, the platform for news, social connectedness and creativity, offers readers informative stories and editorials from Washington Examiner’s trusted journalists and expert contributors, addressing issues of the day, examining our challenges as a country, and exploring the ideals that bring our nation together. Restoring America embraces six pillars: 

  • Patriotism and unity 
  • Faith, freedom, self-reliance    
  • Courage, strength, optimism 
  • Equality not elitism 
  • Community and family 
  • Fairness and justice 

We encourage you to visit Restoring America at www.washingtonexaminer.com/RestoringAmerica and to share content links with your audiences.



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