Tiblio Announces Two Crucial New Stock Trading Features

Stock market research platform Tiblio has just expanded its scope of services with new offerings that cover options sweeps and stock halts.

Los Angeles, California, UNITED STATES

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- These new features add to Tiblio’s existing stock market trading system and tools, which helps traders find the best opportunities and make informed decisions on trades that will have the highest probability of success.

Customers know that they are in good hands with Tiblio by tracking how their trades perform in real time. Tiblio brings the exact same diligence and depth of knowledge on sweeps and halts as it does with all its other offerings.

Tiblio’s new sweep scanner is designed to break through the information barrier and alert their customers as sweeps are being executed. This sweep scanner will allow Tiblio users to follow the smart money, aka the investors with deep pockets who typically set up and execute a sweep strategy.

As with sweeps and all of their other offerings, Tiblio’s new “halts” scanner will continuously track all halts that are being placed on stocks in the markets and alerts users in real-time of these events. “With all of the volatility we currently see in the market, we want to offer as many tools as possible to allow investors to profit during these choppy times,” said Leon Smith, CEO.

About Tiblio

Tiblio is a stock market research platform with all the tools and information you need to better invest today. Tiblio brings you a complete stock market trading system to find the best trading opportunities, make informed decisions and maximize profit.

The new offerings from Tiblio are fully in line with the way Tiblio views the world, namely, that all information about a company and its products/performance is already baked into its stock movements.

Already offering a complete trading system with options trading plays, a trading journal, the fastest news, education, and access to an exclusive trading community, Tiblio is expanding its services with alerts and analysis on sweeps and halts.

Visit https://tiblio.com/ to become a member today, all with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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Tiblio brings you a complete stock market trading system to find the best trading opportunities, now enhanced to cover sweeps and halts. Read on to learn more.





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