Texas Education Agency Chooses Paper to Support Statewide High-Impact Tutoring Initiative

Paper is approved as a full-service provider for meeting the research-based components of high-impact tutoring

MONTREAL, Oct. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has approved Paper as a full-service member of the state's new Vetted Texas Tutoring Corps (VTTC) aimed at accelerating student learning through high-impact tutoring.

Paper is TEA-approved to support the implementation of high-impact tutoring and assist districts in meeting the statutory requirements for supplemental accelerated instruction as outlined in House Bill (HB) 4545.

"We are honored to support the TEA and Texas legislature's commitment to providing scaled high-impact tutoring to the state," said Philip Cutler, co-founder and CEO of Paper. "Our mission is to help every student reach their potential. With TEA’s backing, we can truly deliver on this commitment for K-12 students across Texas.”

HB 4545, passed in June, mandates that schools give individualized support to students who have failed the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness. For most Texas districts, staffing, cost, and logistical hurdles stand in the way of meeting these statutory requirements.

Paper is an equitable solution that allows school districts to swiftly scale 1:1 personalized support to all students—not only as a remediation tactic, but as part of a holistic educational program. At a predictable, fixed cost, districts can provide unlimited, 24/7 high-impact tutoring unconstrained by unpredictable demand, time of day, unmanageable costs, or availability of teachers, tutors, or parents.

With writing feedback, study support, and homework help in four languages across 200+ subject areas, students always have access to help when, where, and how they need it. The TEA confirmed that Paper meets the research-based criteria for high-impact tutoring. Local education agencies can use local ESSER funding to provide Paper to their students.

Paper is available to all school districts in Texas to deliver the high-impact tutoring the state seeks. For more information, visit: paper.co/texas.

About Paper:
Paper is on a mission to help every student reach their potential by partnering with school districts to provide unlimited, 24/7 high-impact tutoring—at no cost to families. By delivering learning help that’s accessible regardless of socioeconomic status, scheduling challenges, or “extra help stigma,” Paper helps level the playing field for all students to excel academically. Tutors deliver on-demand, multilingual academic support across 200+ subjects, so students can always access expert help when, where, & how they need it. Coast to Coast, Paper supports districts such as Orange USD (CA), Highline Public Schools (WA), Hillsborough Schools (FL), ​​Columbus City Schools (OH), Atlanta Public Schools (GA), and Boston Public Schools (MA.)

Tony Keller