Gallaher Edge Announces Partnership with Stax as Company Continues Growth

Leading management consulting firm is working alongside the payment management giant to intentionally design their organization

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gallaher Edge, a management consulting firm creating transformational change in businesses through meaningful and impactful human experiences, today announces its partnership with Stax, the industry’s only complete all-in-one solution for managing everything in the payments ecosystem.

“Gallaher Edge had the pleasure of coaching CEO and founder of Stax, Suneera Madhani, and her team when they were just starting out, and now we’re going to continue expanding that relationship as her company continues to grow,” said Dr. Laura Gallaher, CEO and founder of Gallaher Edge. “Madhani understands the importance of organizational culture, which is why she made it a priority from the very beginning. As the company grew, Madhani made the wise choice to invest, understanding that every new level of the organization’s growth required a new level of leadership.”

To intentionally design and enhance the Stax culture, Gallaher Edge is working with the team to build self-acceptance, self-awareness and self-accountability through customized practices and feedback sessions. Additionally, Gallaher Edge guides the team in their mission to establish core values by encouraging the team to revisit these values regularly, as well as to proactively provide feedback to one another and allow each other to grow and develop.

“Working with the Gallaher Edge team has truly been a blessing to the culture of my organization,” said Madhani. “The team guides us in understanding and intentionally designing our culture. Our work together has provided support to strengthen communication skills and help our team accelerate growth while becoming more mature leaders. We are now working more effectively and efficiently than ever before.”

Dr. Gallaher and Dr. Phillip Meade, COO and co-owner of Gallaher Edge, reflect on their experience with Stax in their latest book, The Missing Links: Launching a High Performing Company Culture. This book provides leaders and aspiring leaders the fundamentals of building organizational culture through Gallaher Edge’s Missing Links model. The team reveals their insights on building leaders from the Inside Out, sharing anecdotes from their work with Stax.

“The approach they describe in this book is just the right balance of the human element and business goals. The Missing Links model shows leaders how those things work hand-in-hand, rather than working against each other, and I highly recommend this read for any purpose-driven leader who genuinely cares about people,” said Madhani.

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About Stax
Stax is one of America’s fastest growing fintech companies, recognized by U.S. News and World Report, Inc., and Fortune for its radically simple payment technology. Stax (formerly Fattmerchant) empowers more than 22,000 small businesses, large businesses, and software platforms through the industry's only all-in-one payments API. Stax’s platform provides businesses and SaaS platforms the ability to manage their payment ecosystem, analyze data, and simplify their customer experience through fully integrated solutions. With access to everything they need to transact seamlessly, the one-stop tool allows companies to move faster, think smarter, and make better business decisions through the power of payments. Stax has powered more than $10 billion in transactions and expanded globally to international markets outside of the U.S.

About Gallaher Edge
Gallaher Edge is a management consulting firm that creates transformational change in businesses through meaningful and impactful human experiences. The team applies the science of human behavior to an organization to create highly effective cultures. Gallaher Edge helps C-suite teams successfully take their company to the next level and does so through personalized experiences to evolve teams from the Inside Out, growing their capacity to lead and succeed.

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