Winners Network Launches a Multi-Chain Compatible DeFi, Rewards and Gaming Loyalty Platform with Token

$WINS allows for new interoperable blockchain rewards system redeemable from merchants or convertible to any fiat or cryptocurrency

SAN JOSE, Oct. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain Wire) -- Winners Network (, the blockchain ecosystem which connects traditional customer loyalty programs and point systems to one chain of value, today announced the launch of its partner-agnostic rewards and loyalty platform dedicated to bridging the gap between web-based consumer touchpoints and the burgeoning ‘multi-ecosystem’ world of blockchain. Winners unique rewards, loyalty and incentive program is designed to unify a multitude of customer loyalty programs into one consolidated networked ecosystem. The launch of the Winners Network platform, along with the sale of the $WINS token, will allow Winners Network to incentivize a network of participants across the blockchain, gaming, merchant loyalty and the rewards landscape.

Winners Network and their WN Rewards Browser extension will create a seamless and agnostic accrual experience, which will streamline and consolidate interactions across three of the most critical ‘value-based’ consumer touchpoints:

  • Ecommerce:  Shopping websites incentivize buyers with ‘loyalty points’ and other remote and isolated rewards systems. The Winners Network’s browser plugin will enable purchasers to earn WN Gold Rewards points across multiple sites, regardless of participating products or retailers.
  • DeFi: Winners Network and the Winners Network browser extension will not only connect off-chain user activity to on-chain rewards and tracking protocols, but the team also aims to power cross-chain transfers of value and facilitate a seamless experience across the growing Web 3.0 ecosystem. 
  • Gaming: From ‘play to earn’ web-based games to in-game assets, collectibles, ‘points’ and currencies, “monetizing” gameplay and rewarding players has always meant ‘one game, one points ecosystem.’ The Winners Network browser extension will provide one overarching ‘cross platform’ multi-ecosystem solution and allow gamers to earn, collect, win and ultimately convert game-based assets from across the web into the $WINS token.          

“The cryptocurrency industry has many reward programs and incentives, but these are generally closed off, walled gardens that are primarily designed to encourage participation within their own networks,” said Co-founder Walter Minhoto. “There was no rewards program that worked across multiple environments; we want to create incentives and enable the transfer of value beyond the traditional digital rewards silos.”

Additionally, it is often impossible for DeFi reward launchpads, yield farms and other similar platforms to intersect with non-blockchain based projects. Winners Network and its $WINS token will help create these new intersections.

“The only way for a modern loyalty and rewards ecosystem to actually work is for that structure to utilize crypto and to do so in an agnostic way,” says Minhoto. “Consumers currently use hundreds of disconnected loyalty and rewards platforms across the web and throughout their daily lives; Winners Network will open up a world of options for these consumers and offer them rewards for participating in a wide range of loyalty-based environments.” 

Additionally, gamers within the Winners Network will be empowered with the first ever global rewards system that will gather rewards for in-game spending, grinding and playing. Users will be able to earn WN Gold Rewards with in-game purchases, collecting rare and epic items, opening loot boxes and skin boxes and by simply logging in to their favorite game. WN Gold Rewards will have the capability to be swapped for $WINS tokens to receive cash-back or additional in-game and partner game purchases. Gamers will be able to drastically increase the amount of WN Gold Rewards earned passively and actively by staking their $WINS tokens.

The $WINS token will be the native token that powers the Winners Network. As a governance token, $WINS holders will be able to vote on community changes to the platform and take an active part in decision-making processes within the network. Users will also be able to collect and earn via the team’s browser extension that will work for both traditional ecommerce websites and nontraditional macro markets such as crypto and iGaming.

For more information on the Winners Network and its sale, please visit the Winners Network website or Telegram.

About Winners Network 
Winners Network is a new paradigm for traditional customer loyalty and rewards programs. The Winners Network ecosystem creates a seamless transfer of value between traditional loyalty programs, proprietary “points” systems, earned cryptocurrency rewards, and other previously-siloed stores of value used by retail consumers, online gamers and modern Decentralized Finance (DeFi) applications. Winners Network’s native browser plugin will function as an agnostic hub where users can earn ‘WN Gold Rewards Points’ for participating in third-party customer loyalty & shopping rewards programs, collecting game-based NFT assets, and earning in-game points; WN Gold Rewards Points can then be consolidated and swapped for Winners Network’s $WINS tokens. For more information, please visit

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