Our Net Zero Campaign Launched by the Energy Futures Lab

A coalition of innovators and leading organizations launches new campaign to explore opportunities for an inclusive and equitable transition to net zero

Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

CALGARY, Alberta, Oct. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Canada is en-route to net zero by 2050 and is committed to enabling a “just transition” in the process. The timeliness and ambition associated with each of these goals is admirable, but is simultaneously highlighting some of the complexities our country is likely to face as the global energy transition unfolds. As an Alberta-based coalition of innovators and leading organizations committed to creating “the energy system the future requires of us,” the Energy Futures Lab is creating space to explore this complexity as part of a new social media campaign: the Our Net Zero Campaign, launching on Wednesday, October 20th.

The Lab invites public participation in the campaign, asking social media users to consider how Canada can secure net zero by midcentury while also ensuring the energy transition is inclusive, accessible, and equitable to current and future generations? Individuals can join the conversation by sharing reflections using the #OurNetZero hashtag.

“Many are energized by a desire to make this transition to net zero as equitable and as inclusive as possible, myself included,” says Alison Cretney, Managing Director of the Energy Futures Lab. “But to be successful we need to better understand the many complexities of this challenge. We also need to work together to identify and implement actionable solutions for our energy future, which is why we’re inviting more Canadians into this conversation.”

While the campaign is not designed to specifically address the agenda for this year’s Conference of the Parties (COP) event, held in Glasgow this fall, the Our Net Zero campaign has strategically chosen this runway time to inspire a critical conversation as energy leaders in Canada prepare for an event focused on addressing climate change and securing a 1.5c future.

“To secure a 1.5c future, an issue COP26 attendees will be exploring in depth, requires more than just technological and policy innovation. We also need to address the social barriers that could impact our ability to achieve net zero by 2050. These barriers become even more prominent when we consider the need to enable a “just transition.” There’s no silver bullet here, we need many solutions to get us there, and these look different for different communities. Which is why the Our Net Zero campaign is inviting a diversity of perspectives into the conversation.” says Alison.

The Energy Futures Lab is an Alberta-based coalition of innovators and leading organizations working together to advance solutions aligned with our 2050 vision for Canada’s energy future.

Emma Gammans 
Energy Futures Lab

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